Social Trading Club Funding Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, Social Trading Club (STC) has emerged as a potential game-changer, offering a unique solution to a perennial problem faced by traders worldwide – the lack of capital. With a bold mission to revolutionize financial markets by fostering authenticity and empowering traders, STC claims to provide funded accounts with amounts reaching up to an impressive $600,000. This comprehensive review aims to delve into the intricacies of STC, examining its key features, the effectiveness of its funding processes, and its potential impact on traders seeking financial success.

Social Trading Club Funding Review
Social Trading Club Funding Review

Overview of Social Trading Club

Mission and Objectives

At the heart of STC’s ethos lies a clear and ambitious mission: to transform financial markets by fostering authenticity and empowering traders. In essence, STC aims to tackle the pervasive issue that has plagued countless traders – the lack of capital to engage in substantial trading activities. By leveraging their resources, STC envisions itself as a catalyst for enabling traders to achieve financial success.

Funding Process

The funding process at STC is designed with meticulous precision, involving three distinct steps that guide traders from initiation to the realization of their trading ambitions:

Step 1: Purchase A Challenge

The journey begins with traders selecting and purchasing a challenge that aligns with their interests and goals. This initial step acts as a crucial gateway for participants to enter the evaluation process.

Step 2: Evaluation Stage

Once a challenge is purchased, traders find themselves navigating the evaluation stage. While the specific details of this evaluation process remain somewhat elusive on the website, this step presumably involves traders demonstrating their trading skills and adherence to specific rules set by STC.

Step 3: Funded Stage

Upon successfully navigating the evaluation stage, traders move on to the funded stage. Here, they are provided with a funded account and are required to adhere to predefined rules. Importantly, traders have the potential to earn up to an 80% share of the profits generated during this stage, creating a tangible and motivating incentive for success.

Challenges Offered

STC recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of traders and, in response, provides a range of challenges with varying capital amounts. The challenge sizes offered by STC include $5k, $15k, $25k, $50k, $100k, and $200k.

One Step Challenges

These challenges are characterized by the following features:

  • High-Frequency Trading (HFT) Permitted
  • 3 Minimum Trading Days
  • $250 Max Daily Loss (5%)
  • $600 Max Total Loss (12%)
  • Phase 1 – $500 Profit Target (10%)
  • 80% Profit Share

Two Step Challenges

The two-step challenges come with additional requirements and targets:

  • 5 Minimum Trading Days
  • $250 Max Daily Loss (5%)
  • $600 Max Total Loss (12%)
  • Phase 1 – $500 Profit Target (10%)
  • Phase 2 – $250 Profit Target (5%)
  • Up to 80% Profit Share

Evaluation of Social Trading Club


1. Inclusive Funding Opportunities

A standout feature of STC is its commitment to inclusivity. By providing funding opportunities ranging from $5,000 to an impressive $600,000, STC ensures that its platform is accessible to a broad spectrum of traders. This inclusivity is particularly commendable, especially for those who may otherwise struggle to secure substantial capital independently.

2. Gradual Progression with Two-Step Challenges

The inclusion of two-step challenges adds a layer of sophistication to the funding process. This approach allows traders to embark on a more gradual progression, enabling them to build confidence and experience before venturing into more significant capital amounts. This structured approach contributes to a better learning curve for participants, fostering a supportive environment for growth.

3. Transparent Rules and Targets

STC prides itself on setting clear rules and profit targets for each challenge. This level of transparency is crucial for participants to understand the expectations and work towards achieving the defined goals. The clarity provided by STC in this regard is commendable and contributes to a sense of fairness and openness within the platform.

4. Broad Product Selection

In collaboration with its partner broker, Eightcap, STC boasts a selection of over 500 products. This extensive range positions STC as a notable player in the Prop Firm trading industry, offering traders one of the largest product selections available. A diverse range of products enhances opportunities for traders to capitalize on market trends and diversify their trading strategies.

Areas for Improvement

1. Lack of Information on Evaluation Criteria

While STC outlines the three-step process, the evaluation stage remains somewhat opaque. The specific criteria for success are not clearly articulated on the website, leaving potential participants in the dark about how their trading skills will be assessed. Providing more detailed information on the evaluation process would enhance transparency and help participants better prepare.

2. Limited Broker Partnership

STC proudly mentions its partnership with Eightcap and the availability of over 500 products. However, a broader range of broker partnerships would add versatility for traders. A more extensive selection of reputable broker partnerships would allow participants to choose platforms that align more closely with their preferences and trading styles.

3. Customer Support

While STC may pride itself on its user-friendly interface, the website lacks detailed information on customer support options. Robust customer support is essential in an industry where participants are likely to have questions and require assistance. A dedicated section or FAQ addressing common queries and concerns would enhance the overall user experience.

4. Educational Resources

STC could further enhance its offerings by providing a more robust set of educational resources. These resources could include webinars, tutorials, and articles that cater to traders at various skill levels. By investing in educational initiatives, STC can empower its participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustained success in the financial markets.


In conclusion, Social Trading Club Funding presents an intriguing solution to the challenge of capital constraints faced by many traders. With a mission to revolutionize the financial markets, STC offers a structured process that allows traders to access funded accounts and earn a substantial share of profits. The platform’s inclusivity, transparent rules, and gradual progression make it a promising option for those seeking to advance their trading careers.

However, there are areas where improvement is warranted. Providing more detailed information on the evaluation criteria, expanding broker partnerships, enhancing customer support, and investing in educational resources would contribute to a more robust and user-friendly experience. As with any financial endeavor, potential participants are advised to thoroughly research and understand the terms and conditions before engaging with Social Trading Club. In the dynamic world of trading, adaptability and continuous improvement are key, and STC has the potential to further refine its offerings and solidify its position as a catalyst for positive change in the trading community.

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