Sonic Blast Forex System Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Sonic Blast Forex System. This is yet another manual forex trading strategy that has been created to use in the popular forex trading platform, MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The Sonic Blast Forex Strategy comes as a trading template with a combination of technical indicators that are used to analyse the charts in your MT4 platform for trading signals.

When the Sonic Blast Forex System indicators all agree with each other, you there is a buy or sell signal clearly displayed on the chart. You can then decide if you would like to enter the market or wait for the next signal to appear. You do not even need to be at your computer when there is a signal as the Sonic Blast Forex Strategy can also send you alert notification via SMS or email when it discovers a possible opportunity.

Whilst this semi-automated approach to trading forex online may seem like an attractive proposition for anyone who might not have the time or knowledge required to analyse the charts for signals, it is important to understand that there can be no guarantees to how good or bad the Sonic Blast Forex System Signals will perform. For that reason, I would always prefer to conduct my own market analysis in order to confirm every signal. I feel that there will be too many false signals otherwise.

Sonic Blast Forex System Strategy

The Sonic Blast Forex System is based on price action channels and each channel band has its own individual square so that you can see each trend change to the very precise level.

The Price Channel Strategy was created for breakdowns and breakouts from specific channels. It can be used by momentum traders or swing traders who are looking to detect breakouts from specific ranges. The strategy creates a channel with its bands based on the highest and lowest values for a specific number of bars.

Knowing this, forex traders can use channel levels for entry and exit points. When the channel is bullish, you can look for opportunities to buy the Forex pair as price bounces from the lower level. You can hold the trade until the price approaches the upper level of the channel.

In this manner are seeking to trade the impulse move of the channel. When the price bounces from the upper level of the channel, you can trade the potential bearish move to the lower level. However, this is generally less desirable, since the corrective price moves are relatively smaller than the impulse price moves of a trend.

Sonic Blast Forex System Waiting
Sonic Blast Forex System Waiting

The Sonic Blast Forex System will inform you automatically when there is a buy or sell signal. It comes with an on-screen trading dashboard that tells you if there is a buy signal, sell signal to simply wait. It will not overlap the candlesticks so it will always be crystal clear for you to read.

There is also an audio alert signal, keeping you regularly informed. This system features a chart with arrow indicators to show the direction of the signal and help you follow the rise and fall of the market.

I do appreciate how flexible the Sonic Blast Forex Strategy is. This is because you can literally apply it to any currency pair or chart timeframe that you wish to trade, provided your MT4 broker offers it. You can even use it to trade stocks, commodities, indices, precious metals, energies and cryptocurrencies. It doesn’t matter what type of trader you are, because it can be used for scalping forex on the lower chart timeframes, day trading and swing trading.

Sonic Blast Forex System Sell Signal USDCAD
Sonic Blast Forex System Sell Signal USDCAD

Whilst there may be some good forex signals generated by the Sonic Blast Forex Software if you take time to analyse them and confirm them with your own strategy, the results can depend greatly on the money management strategy that you use. I have seen the same forex strategies give completely different results even when the users have taken the exact same entry. This is because most forex traders will have a different stop loss and take profit level. Some may let losses run and cut winners short, others may cut losing trades short but let the winners run.

Personally, after filtering every single Sonic Blast Forex Signal, I would look to only take those which have a positive risk to reward ratio. I would probably be wanting a ratio of at least 1:3 so that any winning trade is 3 times greater than a losing trade, minus any broker fees. That way, it wouldn’t take 1 bad trade to wipe out multiple good positions.

I may also want to lock in winning trades at break even point and trail the remainder of the position with a trailing stop to try and make the most out of each market move. Of course, the system is versatile so you can trade in a way that works for you according to your own forex trading plan.

Sonic Blast Forex System Buy Signal USDJPY
Sonic Blast Forex System Buy Signal USDJPY

Sonic Blast Forex System Features

  • Manual forex trading strategy for the MT4 platform
  • Can be used on any financial instrument and chart timeframe
  • Send buy and sell signal alerts via MT4, email and SMS
  • Includes MT4 trading template and custom technical indicators
  • User-friendly trader dashboard to keep up to date with signals

Sonic Blast Forex System Summary

Overall, I think that the Sonic Blast Forex System can generate some good signals but it will really need the user to have some experience in order to take the initiative in terms of being selective with the signals and having excellent money management.

I think it is important you learn why each Sonic Blast Forex Signal is generated, rather than taking them without having a good look at what is happening in the market to verify each trade. That way, you can learn about all of the different trading indicators and combine those which you like the best into your very own bespoke trading system that is catered towards your own needs.

The Sonic Blast Forex System is ready to use right out of the package, but as I mentioned earlier, I think it would require the user to conduct some additional market analysis before taking any position. It comes with a template that when you load, all settings colours show instantly.

Sonic Blast Forex System









  • Versatile Forex System
  • Automatic Buy & Sell Signals
  • Set Signal Alert Notifications
  • Combination of Market Analysis
  • Any Trading Instrument
  • Any Chart Time Frame
  • Any MT4 Forex Broker
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Free Updates
  • Full Support


  • MetaTrader 4 Only
  • Takes Time To Learn How To Use
  • Requires Some User Initiative
  • No Verified Results