SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader is a prop firm that provides traders with funds to handle starting at USD 25,000 after completing the initial test to see how well traders do. Located in Florida, it is an international corporation (USA) with financing from the venture fund Valo Holdings. SurgeTrader was founded in May 2021 by seasoned Forex traders, including brokers and venture investors. They obviously want to help successful traders’ cash in on their success by speeding funding as their major objective. In this SurgeTrader review, I will take a close look at some of the key features along with the pros and cons. Hopefully this can help you to decide if this is the right prop firm for you.

What is SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader is a well-known prop firm that enables traders to use investor funds. The proposal’s central question is, “Are you confident in your skills and experience?” Following that, you must select one of the organization’s course exam packages, receive training, and demonstrate your proficiency by passing the SurgeTrader Audition. SurgeTrader does not offer a 30-day trial period, in contrast to other businesses. If you pass the test, the proper status is sent to you within 24 to 48 hours which is a distinct advantage of this particular proprietary firm over some others.

High trading commissions are another benefit of SurgeTrader. Depending on the initial package selected, the trader receives an account under management ranging from USD 25,000 to USD 1 million. And the trader earns 75% of the profit. However, in order to obtain it, the trader must abide by a set of pretty rigid trading guidelines including the maximum daily loss and drawdown. The company has a zero-tolerance policy for severe violations, which includes the cancellation of the “SurgeTrader” status and the requirement to re-pay the cost of the course, despite the fact that it is loyal to non-critical violations and can be flexible with the trader.

Positive initial impressions can be made about SurgeTrader. There are hardly many terms of trade, and they are all very clearly stated. The relatively costly cost of the courses is made up for by the lack of a test period, loyalty to chance mistakes, and the chance to realise your greatest potential. The methods of trading strategies are not constrained like they are with some other forex prop firms.

SurgeTrader Homepage
SurgeTrader Homepage

How does SurgeTrader work?

SurgeTrader is a stand-alone investment firm prepared to fund qualified traders. The venture investment fund that SurgeTrader partners with is prepared to transfer funds to the management of traders who have demonstrated their professionalism on a demo account.

The prop trading model of SurgeTrader works as follows:

Testing is paid for by the trader. The price was established to weed out inexperienced traders and novice traders who weren’t prepared for long-term collaboration. The sum is determined by the selected tariff plan. The requirements for the target profit transferred to the management of the deposit vary between tariff packages.

The trader has immediate access to their account on the EightCap broker platform following payment. The goal is to make money while observing the trade restrictions that the company provide you with.

A financed account is made available to the trader after passing the test mode. Its circumstances are entirely consistent with those of the test mode. If a trader pays for the exam package with access to USD 50K, they will receive a funded invoice for USD 50K in the event that the exam is successfully completed.

The trading platform can be tested using a demo account. Before paying for the exam, you can practise trading there. 75% of the funds generated go toward the trader’s profit. When a trader’s account is disqualified due to serious infractions, they are then given the option to retake the exam for a 20% discount on the exam fee.

SurgeTrader Scaling Plan

SurgeTrader has created a scaling plan that enables any trader who manages an account of between $25,000 and $250,000 to climb to a higher rung where they will acquire at least double the buying power and consequently potentially higher profits. This plan was created to inspire its traders to work toward greater profits.

You will have the option to move up to the next higher account if, after passing the audition, you reach the 10% profit goal. For instance, traders with the smallest account size ($25,000) can scale it up to four times to have an account with a beginning value of $500,000.

It is significant to highlight that, in this case, the trading guidelines and conditions will remain the same but with increased purchasing power.

SurgeTrader Profit Share

SurgeTrader’s terms are fairly transparent, particularly the profit split, which is among the finest when compared to other prop trading companies.

With this corporation, you can collect 75% of the income made without taking any risks because the business would cover any losses.

You can buy an add-on at the time of registration with SurgeTrader to change the profit share from 75% to 90%. This extra cost is equal to 20% of the audition fee.

SurgeTrader Withdrawals

The first withdrawal from your potential gains can be made at any time; however, following that, you must wait at least 30 days or once a month before making another withdrawal request.

You can use PayPal and Visa/MasterCard debit cards as an electronic payment method to pay for the audition, but only bank transfers are an option for withdrawals.

The quantity of winnings that can be requested is unrestricted.

SurgeTrader Platforms

As we already indicated, SurgeTrader provides its services through the Eightcap broker, which only permits trading with the Eightcap MT4 and Eightcap MT5 platforms, which are essentially MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms customised for this specific broker.

Since they are extremely reliable trading terminals that have undergone extensive evolution, as you are surely aware, these platforms are among the most well-known and adored in the trading community.

Now, the platforms described above are for order execution, but SurgeTrader offers a web portal where you can access your trading information, including, among other things, the progress toward your profit target, the maximum drawdown, equity, and balance.

Why choose SurgeTrader?

First and foremost, SurgeTrader sets itself apart from rival companies with its straightforward, one-step auditing procedure. This shortens the process’s time and improves the chances for success for every trader who attempts it, especially in light of the modest requirements and profit targets it sets.

However, because there is no minimum requirement for trading days, the auditing procedure can be completed faster than at other organisations that do, such as FTMO, which demand a minimum of 10 or 5 trading days, respectively.

The low leverage that SurgeTrader permits, if we are to say anything that sets it apart from other private trading companies but also eliminates this time’s advantage.

Considering everything that has been discussed in this review, I think that SurgeTrader is a decent alternative despite its brief trajectory. It can be especially useful for traders using a lucrative trading method but lack the cash necessary to make significant profits.

Additionally, I have seen that it’s a reputable business that, when you pay and complete their audition process, genuinely grants you access to the live account.

Conclusion: is SurgeTrader a good prop trading firm?

Overall, I really like what they have to offer. SurgeTrader gives traders who lack their own start-up cash but are eager to make a living as professionals venture capital funds. The trader selects a tariff bundle that details both the target profit and the amount supplied for management. The exam might cost as much as $6,500 or $250 USD. In the event that the test is successfully completed, the trader will receive more money on the funded account the more expensive the package is.










  • High 75-90% profit share
  • Variety of accounts and packages to choose from
  • No restrictions on the use of trading strategies
  • A wide range of assets includes more than 100 instruments
  • If the maximum loss and drawdown requirements are met, the loss is covered by SurgeTrader
  • No minimum or maximum withdrawal restrictions
  • Quick withdrawals
  • The audition required to qualify for a live funded account will be a one-time payment, non-recurring payment


  • Not the lowest audition fee
  • Difficult trading conditions to meet
  • The daily drawdown is no more than 5%, and the maximum loss is up to 4%
  • It is not possible to hold open positions over the weekend, so you will not be able to implement long-term strategies
  • Limited educational resources
  • Relatively low leverage available
  • Maximum open lots equal to 1/10000 of your account size