Take Profit Trader Review

In today’s fast-paced world of futures trading, aspiring traders often grapple with significant obstacles, including limited access to capital and a lack of structured support. This is where Take Profit Trader shines as a potential asset. In this comprehensive review, we will delve deeper into the various aspects of Take Profit Trader, examining its features, benefits, and overall functionality, and providing an in-depth analysis of how it could reshape your trading journey.

Take Profit Trader
Take Profit Trader

Take Profit Trader Overview

Take Profit Trader differentiates itself from traditional trading platforms by offering a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to nurturing traders’ success. Unlike conventional brokers, Take Profit Trader does not operate as a broker itself. Instead, it collaborates exclusively with regulated brokers that adhere to stringent compliance standards set by the NFA (National Futures Association) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), such as Tradovate and NinjaTrader. This commitment to regulation ensures a safe and transparent trading environment, free from concerns about potential conflicts of interest or hidden fees.

How Take Profit Trader Works

Take Profit Trader simplifies the path to becoming a successful trader through a well-structured, five-step process:

1. Select Your Asset Class

The journey begins by selecting your preferred futures account and defining the maximum contract size that aligns with your trading skills and risk tolerance. This initial step allows for a tailored trading experience, ensuring that you are in control of your destiny right from the start.

2. Prove You Can Trade

Having chosen your asset class and trading parameters, your primary goal is to reach a specified profit target while demonstrating your ability to follow a set of rigorous risk management rules. This pivotal stage serves as a validation process, confirming your readiness to join the ranks of PRO traders within the Take Profit Trader ecosystem.

3. Start Earning Money

One of the most compelling features of Take Profit Trader is its commitment to providing traders with immediate access to withdrawable profits upon approval. This rapid transition from proving your skills to earning real profits sets the platform apart from conventional trading models, where traders often face significant delays in realizing their hard-earned gains.

4. Withdraw Into Your Account

Take Profit Trader recognizes that money holds value only when it’s in your pocket. To facilitate this, the platform ensures that withdrawing your profits is a straightforward process. Moreover, traders retain a generous 80% of their earnings, a profit-sharing arrangement that is notably more favorable compared to many other funding programs.

5. Upgrade to PRO+

For traders aiming to elevate their trading experience and capabilities, Take Profit Trader offers a PRO+ membership tier. This upgrade eliminates daily loss limits and the 50-execution rule, providing greater flexibility and control over your trading strategies. Furthermore, PRO+ members benefit from an impressive 90/10 profit split, demonstrating the platform’s commitment to rewarding skilled traders who have demonstrated consistent performance.

Key Features of Take Profit Trader

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout features that make Take Profit Trader an enticing choice for futures traders:

1. Account Setup

Setting up a trading account can often be a tedious and time-consuming process, deterring many potential traders. Take Profit Trader addresses this pain point by handling all technology and account setup tasks on behalf of its traders. This approach ensures a seamless onboarding experience, allowing traders to focus on what truly matters: trading and profitability.

2. Risk Management

Discipline and risk management are the cornerstones of successful trading. Take Profit Trader recognizes this and provides traders with a robust risk management system and rules to help maintain discipline during trades. This system is designed to help traders avoid impulsive decisions and mitigate the potentially devastating consequences of unrestrained risk-taking.

3. Capital

One of the most significant challenges for many traders is access to adequate capital. Take Profit Trader levels the playing field by providing traders with the necessary funds to execute their strategies effectively. This arrangement allows traders to trade larger positions without risking their own capital, ultimately increasing their profit potential.

4. Risk of Loss

Trading with your own funds can lead to substantial losses, especially for novice traders. Take Profit Trader mitigates this risk by limiting losses to associated challenge fees. This safeguard ensures that traders can focus on improving their skills without the constant fear of significant financial setbacks.

Take Profit Trader Futures Account Options

Take Profit Trader offers a range of futures account sizes to cater to traders with varying needs and aspirations. Each account size is accompanied by specific parameters, enabling traders to select the one that best aligns with their goals and risk tolerance. Below are the available account options:

1. $25k Account ($150/month)

  • Profit Target: $1500
  • Max Position Size: 3 Contracts / 30 Micros
  • Daily Loss Limit: $500
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown: $1500

2. $50k Account ($170/month)

  • Profit Target: $3000
  • Max Position Size: 6 Contracts / 60 Micros
  • Daily Loss Limit: $1100
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown: $2000

3. $75k Account ($245/month)

  • Profit Target: $4500
  • Max Position Size: 9 Contracts / 90 Micros
  • Daily Loss Limit: $1600
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown: $2500

4. $100k Account ($330/month)

  • Profit Target: $6000
  • Max Position Size: 12 Contracts / 120 Micros
  • Daily Loss Limit: $2200
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown: $3000

5. $150k Account ($360/month)

  • Profit Target: $9000
  • Max Position Size: 15 Contracts / 150 Micros
  • Daily Loss Limit: $3300
  • EOD Trailing Drawdown: $4500

Each of these account options caters to traders with different levels of experience, risk tolerance, and profit objectives. This variety ensures that traders can find an account size that aligns precisely with their specific goals and preferences.

Take Profit Trader Coupon Codes & Discount

If you want to get discounts on Take Profit Trader, you can use coupon codes that are available online. Coupon codes are special codes that you can enter at the checkout page to get a percentage off or a fixed amount off your purchase. Some coupon codes are valid for new customers only, while others are valid for everyone. Using coupon codes is a smart way to save money when you buy funded accounts from Take Profit Trader. However, you should always check the validity and expiration date of the coupon codes before using them, as they may change or expire over time. You should also read the terms and conditions of the coupon codes carefully, as they may have some restrictions or limitations on how you can use them.


In a world where futures trading can be both challenging and uncertain, Take Profit Trader emerges as a refreshing and innovative solution that empowers traders to achieve their financial goals. With its streamlined funding process, disciplined risk management, and access to capital, the platform provides traders with a significant advantage in the competitive trading landscape.

Take Profit Trader’s commitment to transparency, regulatory compliance, and immediate profit withdrawals sets it apart as a good partner for both aspiring and experienced futures traders. The option to upgrade to PRO+ membership further enhances the trader’s experience by removing restrictions and offering an even more favorable profit-sharing arrangement.

In summary, Take Profit Trader is not just a funding platform; it’s an ecosystem that nurtures and rewards trading excellence. Whether you’re starting your trading journey or looking to enhance your skills and profits, Take Profit Trader is a trading platform worth exploring and considering as your partner in the pursuit of sustainable trading success.


What is Take Profit Trader’s maximum drawdown?

Take Profit Trader’s EOD Trailing Drawdown varies from $1500 for a $25,000 account to $4500 for a $150,000 account.

What is Take Profit Trader’s profit target?

Take Profit Trader’s profit target is 6%.

What are Take Profit Trader’s minimum and maximum trading days?

According to their website, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not have minimum or maximum trading days.

What are Take Profit Trader’s challenge fees?

Listed below are Take Profit Trader’s challenge fees for the various account balances:

  • $25k Account ($150/month)
  • $50k Account ($170/month)
  • $75k Account ($245/month)
  • $100k Account ($330/month)
  • $150k Account ($360/month)

Does Take Profit Trader offer a retry?

According to their website, once you prove yourself by passing a test, Take Profit Trader will not make you go back to the test if you stumble in your PRO Account. Take Profit Trader gives you the opportunity to reset your PRO Account up to three times.

Does Take Profit Trader offer a fee refund?

According to the website results, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not offer a fee refund.

What is Take Profit Trader’s profit split?

Take Profit Trader offers up to 90% profit split.

Does Take Profit Trader offer a scaling plan?

No, Take Profit Trader does not offer a scaling plan.

Does Take Profit Trader allow expert advisors?

According to the website results, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not allow expert advisors.

Does Take Profit Trader offer a free trial?

According to the website results, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not offer a free trial.

What is Take Profit Trader’s minimum deposit?

According to the website results, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not have any minimum deposit.

What are Take Profit Trader’s brokers?

According to their website, Take Profit Trader uses only regulated brokers who pass stringent compliance by the NFA and CFTC (Tradovate/NinjaTrader). They claim not to be affiliated with them at all, meaning they get no kickbacks, referral fees, or commissions from your trades.

What are Take Profit Trader’s platforms?

According to their website, Take Profit Trader makes use of over 30 trading platforms including NinjaTrader, TradingView, Tradovate, etc.

What is Take Profit Trader’s leverage?

According to the website results, it seems as if Take Profit Trader does not provide leverage. The trading account balance is the buying power, meaning that the leverage is 1:1. The limits are defined by the maximum number of contracts that you can trade, which depends on your account size and profit.

Is Take Profit Trader legit?

Based on the web search results, Take Profit Trader seems to be a legit platform that offers funded accounts for forex traders who want to trade with more capital and earn higher profits. Take Profit Trader has positive reviews from customers and experts on Trustpilot and other websites, who praise its flexible trading conditions, generous profit split, and responsive customer service. Take Profit Trader also claims to have a transparent and simple process that allows traders to reach their full potential and withdraw their profits from day one of their PRO account.

However, as with any online platform, there may be some risks and challenges involved in trading with Take Profit Trader. For example, some customers may have difficulties passing the qualification phase, following the risk rules, or dealing with technical issues. Therefore, it is important to do your own research and due diligence before joining or investing in any platform. You should also be aware of the potential rewards and risks involved in trading with funded accounts, and only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

Take Profit Trader’s alternatives

If you are looking for alternatives to Take Profit Trader, you may want to consider the following options: Topstep, Elite Trader Funding, and Apex Trader Funding.

You can compare their features and benefits to see which one suits your trading style and goals.

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