The Mars EA Review

The Mars EA Review
The Mars EA Review

The Mars EA a grid trading system designed for hassle-free trading. This advanced strategy operates on multiple independent grid sequences, strategically countering retail trading norms during extreme market conditions. Unlike conventional systems, The Mars EA doesn’t linger constantly in trades, allowing for days without positions during low volatility periods.

Utilizing advanced algorithms, this EA monitors significant level breaks, capitalizing on opportunities to lure retail traders into the market, much like the teachings found in traditional trading literature. However, instead of following the herd, The Mars EA trades against retail positions, targeting the liquidity levels where their target levels are positioned.


  • Easy Installation Set and Forget EA: Experience hassle-free installation with The Mars EA, allowing you to set it up and let it run in the background without constant monitoring.
  • Predefined Settings: Enjoy the convenience of predefined settings tailored to optimize the investor’s trading experience, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and guesswork.
  • Remote Desktop Support for Unexperienced Users: For traders new to the world of automated trading, The Mars EA offers remote desktop support, trying to ensure a smooth setup process and ongoing assistance whenever needed.
  • Future Updates and Improvements in Schedule: Stay ahead of the curve with scheduled updates and improvements, ensuring that The Mars EA evolves alongside the ever-changing market conditions, keeping the investor’s trading strategy fresh and effective.


The Mars EA - Overview
The Mars EA – Overview

EA Installation

  • Load the EA to Each Chart on M15: Begin by loading The Mars EA onto each chart with a 15-minute timeframe, initiating the trading process seamlessly across multiple instruments.
  • Choose the Liquidity Level Entry and Autolot Settings: Tailor the liquidity level entry and Autolot settings to match the risk appetite and trading preferences, ensuring optimal performance and risk management.

Account Requirements

  • Minimum Balance: To mitigate risks effectively, it’s recommended to start with a low minimum balance or demo account when using The Mars EA.
  • Account Type: MT5 Hedging Account with Leverage of 1:500: Opt for an MT5 hedging account with leverage of 1:500 to fully leverage the capabilities of The Mars EA and trying to maximize trading potential.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Operation: Ensure 24/5 operation on a low-latency forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) to try ensuring uninterrupted trading and optimal performance.
  • Trading Costs Optimization: While The Mars EA isn’t sensitive to spreads, it’s advisable to keep trading costs as low as possible to try enhancing the generation of potential trades.

Expert Advisor Inputs

Main Settings

  • Instruments: Select trading instruments from one chart for convenience.
  • Trade Filter: Choose between trading longs, shorts, or both, based on the market analysis.
  • Max Pairs Simultaneously: Define the maximum number of pairs traded simultaneously to manage risk effectively.
  • Orders Comment: Personalize order comments for easy tracking and organization.
  • Virtual Potential Target Level: Conceal potential target level from broker servers to avoid manipulation and secure the potential trades.
  • Magic Number: Assign a unique identifier for The Mars EA to differentiate its trades from other forex expert advisors.
  • Risk Calculation Equity/Balance: Customize lot size calculation based on balance or equity to align with the risk management strategy.
  • Risk From Balance: Specify risk based on a percentage of the trader’s balance to control exposure effectively.
  • Fix Lot if AutoLot=0: Set a fixed lot size if Autolot is disabled to maintain consistency in position sizing.
  • AutoLot 0.01 for $ X: Adjust Autolot value based on the trader’s balance for precise lot size determination, ensuring optimal risk management.
  • Multiple Entries: Utilize a grid trading strategy for multiple entry points, trying to maximize trading potential.
  • Trade Sequence Ratio: Define liquidity levels ratio for strategic trading, balancing risk and reward effectively.
  • Liquidity Entry Level X >=0: Set liquidity level entry, balancing risk and reward effectively to try achieving potential results.
  • Secure Margin Drawdown %: Prevent opening trades on other pairs when a specified drawdown percentage is reached, ensuring prudent risk management.
  • Event Timer Period (Milliseconds): Set frequency for DD checkups to stay informed about potential risks and take appropriate action.

The Mars EA Pros & Cons


  • Effortless Installation and Setup: Enjoy a seamless installation process with The Mars EA, requiring minimal effort to get started. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even for novice traders.
  • Advanced Grid Trading Strategy: Benefit from The Mars EA’s grid trading strategy, designed to capitalize on market opportunities while minimizing risk. Its multi-sequence approach allows for strategic trading in various market conditions.
  • Tailored Risk Management: Customize risk management settings to align with the investor’s trading preferences and risk tolerance. From liquidity level entry to Autolot adjustments, The Mars EA offers flexibility in managing their exposure effectively.
  • Diverse Instrument Coverage: Trade a wide range of currency pairs, including AUDNZD, NZDCAD, EURUSD, and more, diversifying the trader’s portfolio and trying to maximize trading potential across different market segments.
  • Constant Updates and Support: Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates and improvements scheduled for The Mars EA. Additionally, benefit from ongoing support and assistance, trying to ensure a smooth trading experience.


  • High Initial Investment Requirement: To fully utilize The Mars EA’s capabilities and mitigate risks effectively, a minimum account balance of $3000 is recommended. This might pose a barrier for traders with limited capital.
  • Complex Configuration Settings: While The Mars EA offers extensive customization options for risk management and trading strategies, navigating through its configuration settings may be challenging for inexperienced traders.
  • Dependence on Market Conditions: The effectiveness of The Mars EA’s grid trading strategy heavily relies on market conditions. In periods of extreme volatility or unpredictability, the EA’s performance may be impacted, leading to potential drawdowns.
  • Continuous Monitoring Required: Despite being a set-and-forget EA, traders are advised to monitor The Mars EA periodically to try ensuring optimal performance and make necessary adjustments based on market changes.
  • Potential for Drawdowns: Like any trading system, The Mars EA is not immune to drawdowns. While it implements risk management measures, unforeseen market events or prolonged adverse conditions may lead to significant drawdowns, affecting overall the generation of potential trades.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, The Mars EA tries to stand as a comprehensive tool for traders looking to streamline their trading activities with advanced grid trading strategies and customizable risk management features. Its effortless installation, instrument coverage, and updates may try to ensure a seamless trading experience, while tailored risk management settings empower traders to navigate market fluctuations with confidence.

However, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential cons, such as the initial investment requirement, complex configuration settings, and dependence on market conditions. Despite these challenges, The Mars EA may tries to remain an asset for traders willing to invest time and effort into understanding its intricacies and monitoring its performance.

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