The Prime Scalping EA

The Prime Scalping EA utilizes special price action indicators. This EA is based on primitive price action activities that work to balance the price of a given currency pair. By following these indicators, the Prime Scalping Expert Advisor is able to identify trading opportunities in the market. This strategy requires a deep understanding of price action and the ability to accurately interpret price fluctuations in order to make quick and informed trading decisions. The use of these specialized indicators may give the Prime Scalping Expert Advisor an edge in the market, but proper risk management and monitoring are still necessary to minimize potential losses.

The Prime Scalping EA Features

  • Designed specifically for use with MT4 trading platform.
  • Users can choose to either utilize compound interest or fixed lots.
  • The EA utilizes pending orders (stop orders) instead of market orders for added spread protection.
  • This strategy does not involve the use of grid or martingale techniques.
  • Each trade is protected by a small stop loss.
  • The EA incorporates the use of RSI and Awesome oscillator indicators to achieve a balanced price.
  • The trading strategy is based on primitive price action activities and deep learning.

The Prime Scalping EA Pricing

  • No Trial Version
  • Fixed Price: $27.99

The Prime Scalping EA Strategy

The EA utilizes a price action strategy, particularly in the scalping trading style. This approach relies on analyzing and interpreting price movements in real time, rather than relying on lagging indicators. By analyzing price movements, the EA is able to identify potentially spot trading opportunities, such as price breakouts or trend reversals.

This strategy requires a deep understanding of price action and the ability to make quick trading decisions. The EA may use a variety of techniques, such as support and resistance levels, trend lines, and candlestick patterns, to identify potential entry and exit points, to achieve success with this strategy, the EA algorithm use proper risk management techniques, such as setting appropriate stop losses and take profits, and monitoring trades closely to minimize potential losses. It may also be beneficial to use a low spread broker and a fast computer or VPS to ensure quick execution of trades.

The Prime Scalping EA Account Requirements

  • Minimum Account Balance: $1000
  • Account leverage: 1:500 or More
  • Operate with VPS for optimal performance.
  • Brokers: ECN is Recommended

The Prime Scalping EA Settings & Input

Volume: Fixed Lots Size0.0
Volume: Lots Size Per $10000.3
Volume: Minimal Lots Size0.01
Volume: Maximal Lots Size80
Protection: Maximal spread to entry1.2 pips
Confirmation: Awesome oscillator
Confirmation: RSI period (Fixed)16
Confirmation: Stoploss3.0 pips
More: Magic number201908
More: CommentThe Prime Scalping v3.00
BrokerIC Markets
Strategy Tester: Maximal spread to entryhigher than your set spread


The Prime Scalping EA is a price action-based algorithm that utilizes specialized indicators to identify potential trading opportunities in real-time. The EA uses small stop losses and pending orders for spread protection and does not rely on grid or martingale techniques. Proper risk management and monitoring are necessary to minimize potential losses. The EA is available for MT4 and can be purchased for a fixed price of $27.99.

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