Theorem EA

The forex trading world is characterized by its fast pace and intense competition, leading to a strong demand for effective trading systems. The Theorem EA steps up to meet this need by being designed to adjust to the market conditions faced by professional traders. This article will delve into the specifics of the Theorem EA, exploring its defining features, pricing and rental options, approach to trading, market performance, as well as its strengths and limitations.

What is the Theorem EA?

Theorem EA is a specialized tool created for the purpose of forex trading. It uses market analysis to pinpoint the optimal entry levels for trades by detecting price changes during times of low volatility. Low volatility in financial markets refers to a condition where the price of an asset does not fluctuate greatly and remains relatively steady. During these periods of stability, the price changes of an asset are usually minimal, providing an opportunity for Theorem EA to identify and take advantage of small price fluctuations by automatically determining the ideal entry levels. The advanced adaptive system of Theorem EA then decides the direction of each trade, making it a valuable tool for trend analysis and for following market data to capitalize on trading movements based on market direction.

Key Features of the Theorem EA

  • Smart Auto-Close function: Theorem EA’s most powerful feature is its Smart Auto-Close function, developed after years of market experience. This feature tracks TP/SL (Take Profit and Stop Loss) breakouts of open trades and auto-closes them according to market conditions, resulting in dynamic TP/SL levels.
  • Static Stop Loss: In addition to the Smart Auto-Close function, Theorem EA also has a static Stop Loss feature for added security.
  • Low Balance Requirement: The EA’s unique auto-management feature minimizes drawdowns, allowing traders to start with a low balance of as little as $50.
  • Optimized for Multiple Currency Pairs: Theorem EA is optimized to work with currency pairs such as EURCHF, USDCHF, AUDUSD, GBPCHF, CHFJPY, and CADCHF.
  • The Theorem EA V5 is available at a cost of $500. However, it can sometimes be found for free on websites like Forex Cracked.

EA Trading Strategy, Leverage Required, and Market Performance

The Theorem EA uses a market analysis approach to determine entry levels for trades by detecting changes in price during calm periods. The direction of each trade is then established by the EA’s adaptive system, which has a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:3. The leverage required for trading with the Theorem EA varies based on the trader’s risk tolerance and account balance. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed data available on the EA’s performance in the market.

Theorem EA Pros & Cons


  • Smart Auto-Close function for dynamic TP/SL levels.
  • Additional static Stop Loss feature for added security.
  • Low balance requirement for entry.
  • Optimized for multiple currency pairs.


  • Limited information on market performance
  • No clear guidance on the required leverage for trading


The Theorem EA is a promising Expert Advisor for forex traders seeking a reliable and adaptive trading system. Its key features, such as the Smart Auto-Close function and static Stop Loss, provide traders with dynamic and secure trading opportunities. With a low balance requirement and optimization for multiple currency pairs, it offers versatility for various trading styles. However, the lack of information on market performance and required leverage may be a concern for some traders. Overall, the Theorem EA appears to be a promising tool for forex traders, but further research on its performance and suitability for individual trading strategies is recommended.

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