Tier ONE Trading Review

Tier One Trading tries to emerge as a notable Forex trading academy, not just trying to offer education but also a distinct trading software for its users. Catering to both newcomers and seasoned traders, they try to provide an array of instructive video materials to enhance one’s trading insights.

This platform is has a nurturing community and a treasure trove of high-caliber resources designed to try amplifying your trading journey. Feedback from its clientele tries to suggest that you can expect top-tier counsel from seasoned trading professionals.

With a strong commitment to facilitating the potential of its investors, the face behind Tier One Trading is reputed for his authenticity and transparency. Their curriculum is keenly tried to focus on mastering the art of price action and delving deep into the intricacies of trading charts. An engaging feature is their live trading demonstrations, trying to offer a firsthand look into real-time trading scenarios. Throughout, participants have the liberty to try engaging and inquire directly from the founder.

The brains behind this endeavor are Jason and Akil. Echoing their customer sentiments, this duo is characterized by their patience, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to guiding traders. They place a special emphasis on shaping the trader’s mindset, trying to steer them away from the mirage of instant wealth.

For those seeking answers, every Monday presents an opportunity through their Q&A sessions. Tier One Trading tries to demystify the path to potential trading without dangling the bait of unattainable promises. They confidently try to position themselves as a formidable force in the Forex trading landscape.

Tier ONE Trading Review
Tier ONE Trading Review

Course Structure and Content

  • Cornerstone: This foundational segment tries to serve as the bedrock, introducing newcomers to the critical basics of Forex trading.
  • Foundation: Advancing from the basics, this section tries to delve into the intricacies of price action. It tries to equip traders with skills to analyze price charts and familiarizes them with advanced techniques used by seasoned traders.
  • Mastery: Tailored for those keen on gaining a competitive edge, this module tries to share advanced trading strategies. Furthermore, it tries to provide insights into the systems used during the platform’s live trading sessions.
  • Mindset: Recognizing that trading isn’t just about numbers, this section tries to hone in on trading psychology. It tries to aid traders in navigating the emotional rollercoasters of the trading world, trying to ensure they maintain a balanced mindset.
  • Blueprint: A reality check of sorts, this task dispels any myths of Forex as a quick route to wealth. It tries to underscore the importance of structured planning and strategy, urging traders to treat their endeavors as they would a structured business.

Membership and Pricing

  • 14-Day Trial: Before committing, users can explore the platform’s offerings through a two-week trial, giving them a glimpse of the course content and tools.
  • Monthly Membership: Designed for those seeking a flexible commitment, this plan is priced at $297 per month. It tries to provide full access to the platform’s resources and updates for the duration of the subscription.
  • Annual Membership: Catering to those who wish for a longer engagement, this yearly plan tries to offer two additional months for free, effectively reducing the monthly cost. It’s priced at a lump sum of $247 for the year.
  • Semi-Annual Membership: An intermediate option that bridges the gap between monthly and annual commitments, this six-month plan is available for $267. It presents a 10% savings compared to the monthly plan.

Customer Support

  • Proactive Team: The company tries to boast a dedicated support team that is frequently lauded for its attentiveness and ability to address diverse queries. They try to cater to questions ranging from intricate trading aspects to more general concerns.
  • Email Communication: As a primary means of contact, individual email addresses are provided for each team member. This tries to promote direct communication and ensures that queries are addressed by the most qualified individuals.
  • Social Media Presence: Besides email, Tier One Trading maintains an active profile across various social media platforms, allowing for more informal and real-time engagement with users.
  • Physical Location: While not directly tied to customer support, it’s worth noting that the company operates out of a physical address. However, potential clients should be aware that the company currently lacks official regulation or governmental registration.
Tier ONE Trading - Overview
Tier ONE Trading – Overview

Client Feedback

  • Overwhelmingly Positive: A majority of reviews from third-party platforms paint a favorable picture of Tier One Trading. Clients seem appreciative of the platform’s comprehensive content, often try attribute their newfound confidence in trading to the lessons provided.
  • Mentor Praise: Both Akil and Jason, the faces behind the platform, receive consistent accolades. Their dedication, knowledge, and approach to teaching have been particularly highlighted by grateful members.
  • Constructive Criticism: An interesting point in the feedback landscape was a negative review that was subsequently revised. The client tried to clarify that his initial dissatisfaction stemmed from experiences with other trading schools and was mistakenly directed at Tier One Trading. This rectification tries to underscore the platform’s genuine commitment to quality and its differentiated position in the market.
  • Live Trading Sessions: Some feedback indicates that the platform tries to offer live trading sessions for both London and New York trading times, with each session spearheaded by either Jason Graystone or Akil Stokes.
  • Support Team Commendation: Beyond course content, the support team of Tier One Trading receives consistent praise for their professionalism and dedication to addressing client queries.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Tier One Trading tries to emerge as a comprehensive platform dedicated to both budding and experienced traders. Through this structured course, the platform not only tries to offer theoretical knowledge but also practical strategies to navigate the Forex market. Its tiered membership models try to provide flexibility, catering to diverse needs and trying to ensure members receive value for their investment.

The co-founders, Akil and Jason, with their hands-on approach and commitment to education, have earned the trust and respect of their members. This sentiment is further echoed in overwhelmingly positive client feedback, highlighting the platform’s efficacy and the value it provides.

Furthermore, the commendable customer support tries to ensure that users have a smooth and enriching experience. While potential members should always exercise due diligence, especially considering the company’s current lack of official regulation, the prevailing sentiment tries to suggest that Tier One Trading stands out as a reliable and valuable resource in the trading education domain.

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