Tokyo Session Forex Pairs

Although the New York and London sessions are the primary times when most traders make their investments worldwide, the Asian trading session can provide a wider range to trade with different currencies. The Asian trading session, sometimes referred to as the Tokyo session, is frequently disregarded since it is less liquid and turbulent than other significant trading sessions. However, these qualities are precisely what make the Asian session appealing to those who know how to trade it.

Trading the Tokyo session

Due to its timing, the Tokyo session is not as active or liquid as the New York and London sessions, but many traders who may not have enough time during the day to trade during those sessions can benefit from the night time hours. The Tokyo session can be advantageous for investors who also want to trade at night.

Between 9.00 JST (Japanese Standard Time) to 18.00 JST is the Tokyo trading session. To be able to trade during the Tokyo session, people who reside in Europe must be awake between 00:00 and 9.00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The trading hours for Americans would be from 19:00 to 4:00. (Eastern Time).

The Tokyo trades support the traders more and are simpler to operate. Deals move more slowly, allowing investors to avoid irrational reactions and arrive at superior profit-generating possibilities.

What are the Asian session currency pairs?

It is a fantastic opportunity to trade news events because the Tokyo session is when news from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan is released. Additionally, given the volume of yen changing hands as Japanese businesses conduct business, there may be more fluctuation in yen pairings.

Be aware that because China is a global economic force, any news from China tends to cause erratic market movements. Given how significantly Australia and Japan rely on Chinese demand, we might see further fluctuation in the AUD and JPY pairs when Chinese data is released.

Best currency pairs during the Tokyo session

Currency pairs with the Japanese Yen are probably your best bet during these hours (JPY). Forex traders can get decent liquidity during the Asian session by matching Singapore dollars, Australian dollars, and New Zealand dollars, depending on the approach they choose to employ (SGD).

Such combinations like USD/JPY, AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, NZD/USD, and NZD/JPY can be handy. For investors aiming for extreme volatility in the forex market during the Tokyo session, these options are preferable. Investors that prefer less volatility can trade in currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/CHF, and others that are not now in the working hours.

Once the London session begins, traders might leverage a bold movement to their advantage. Trading on that hour with EUR/JPY , AUD/EUR, and GBP/JPY offers fantastic prospects for those that prefer volatility in their trades.

What are the Tokyo forex market hours?

Monday morning at 9:00 am (JST), the Asian FX session opens the trading week. It ends at 18:00 JST (JST). If traders in London want to follow the Asian session in real time, they will need to be awake from 00:00 (GMT) in the early morning until 09:00 (GMT).

Remember that the FX market trades continuously, therefore set starting times are arbitrary. But due to the magnitude of deals they support, it is usually considered that the Asian session starts when Tokyo banks go online. Technically, Sydney, Australia and New Zealand are the first reasonably sized financial centers to open for business.

The absence of key economic hubs in Europe and the US for the most of the Tokyo session is a factor in the low trading volumes observed.

Asian session trading strategies

Range trading the Tokyo session

Because support and resistance levels are followed more frequently during the Asian trading session than they are during the more liquid London and US sessions, range trading is particularly well suited to this time frame. Breakouts or range trading are the two most popular approaches in the Tokyo forex session. You can use an Asian range indicator to help spot reversals during the Tokyo trading session.

Breakout trading the Tokyo session

When the London trading session opens at 0:00 GMT, the Asian breakout strategy seeks to profit from sudden, abrupt price changes (04:00 ET). Increasing liquidity may result in breakouts that traders can forecast. The Asian breakout indicator can help you spot range breakouts during the Tokyo trading session.


The majority of investors and dealers prefer to conduct their transactions on the forex market during business hours. Depending on where they reside, individuals may benefit more from the New York or London sessions, when the majority of firms are still open. For traders who don’t have enough time during the day, the Tokyo session has a wealth of opportunities, allowing them to place trades and make money on the Forex Market. Additionally, it permits alternate pairings that can yield higher profits during those hours than during the New York or London session periods.

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