Top 5 Forex Robot Blogs

Top 5 Forex Robot Blogs

Unlike the conventional top forex blogs that focus on educating forex traders on how to trade in the market, forex robot blogs mainly focus on providing guidance about Forex robots and EAs released in the market. They provide readers with value on which robots work and which don’t and other things like how to identify scam robots and such.

If you’re an auto trader or would like to learn more about the world of automated forex trading, we’ve highlighted some of the best forex robot blogs to guide you on the journey.


I’ve been running this website for several years now and have reviewed hundreds of robots – probably thousands even. Being in service for so long, The Forex Geek has managed to be one of the top forex robot blogs. I’ve also reviewed forex indicators, forex trading tools, forex trading systems, forex trading courses, forex brokers and even forex signal providers. In this website, you’ll receive a free forex robot that I coded personally, feel free to download it and get yourself adjusted to the world of automatic trading. That said, I also code robots and indicators on MQL for MetaTrader.


This site offers unbiased opinions on which robots work and which don’t and rates robots in terms of their success rate hence when you visit the website, you can easily identify which robot to pick through the ratings. Also, they offer very detailed and trustworthy reviews and are always constantly updating both new and old software.

In truth, it’s great to visit Forex Robot Expert as well before making any robot purchase. They analyze the trading software and EAs from unique angles that make you realize something you’d have probably missed.


PatrickFx and his team have been running this website for several years now. At the time of writing this, the site has been up and running for over ten years. It has evolved much since it’s one of the oldest sites to review forex robots and such. Through the years, the website has withheld transparency and has great customer support that responds to your questions as soon as possible. It offers an unbiased opinion on which forex robots work and which don’t. Due to this, you’ll quickly learn the world of automated trading.

FRN has a team of expert advisors who constantly review robots and EAs and even signal providers with factual data. A quick search around the internet shows they’re also engaged in answering any questions potential readers and customers have.


Unlike the other sites in this list, Forex Store is not a review website. It’s a store that promotes their own robots and sells forex robots and signals for automated trading. They believe that each person can find a robot that fits their individual trading style and goals. Therefore, they offer a huge selection of the best-automated trading software for forex from different developers at one location. The robots are usually backtested and they provide statistics of progress in live accounts.

Forex Store has a responsive technical support team that can help you when you need help in case you have issues with the robots or EAs that you’ve purchased at the website. They claim at times, you’ll find prices are cheaper at the store compared to visiting the developer’s website. This is because they offer promotions and discounts at certain times. It’s a great site to help you have a wide selection to choose from before buying a robot.


This website marks the final blog for the best forex robot blogs. It has a couple of industry experts experienced in EAs, therefore, they offer you guidance according to your individual needs. They offer some tips and tricks to help you avoid scammers who are actually plenty in the world of forex automated trading.

The EA developers send them the software to test and after several trials, they review it for you as the trader to test. With the reviews, they provide live trading account results and their own opinions as well as in-depth information on the robot.


At the time of writing this, RFR has been active for about 5 years. The author created it initially to shed light on EAs since as he says, found most to be scams. The admin’s main aim was to inform the average EA buyer on things to consider before buying EAs and such but over time.

At the moment RFR focuses on presenting the top working EAs and their reviews therefore if you’re interested in having another opinion of a certain robot, be sure to pay the site a visit. Additionally, if you’re an EA developer with solid working software and are looking for a forex robot blog to showcase your robot, you can add this website to your list and contact the admin for further details.


Whether you’re trading manually or through automated software, it’s necessary to have enough information on what you’re doing. As an automating trader, knowing how to distinguish between scam and genuine robots and the tips to use to ensure a smooth trading experience is a must.

Take time to scout through the above-listed websites for knowledge on automated trading and always read the reviews keenly. Don’t base your purchasing judgment on the opinions of only one site. Always make your own decisions.

The plus side is that some of the sites have amazing support communities of fellow auto traders hence you can interact with others.