Topstep Alternatives

While Topstep has gained popularity as a forex trading account funding platform, there are several alternatives in the market that try to offer similar opportunities for aspiring traders. These alternatives try to provide traders with a chance to showcase their skills, access capital, and potentially build a career in trading. In this brief introduction, we’ll try to take a closer look at some of the top alternatives to Topstep, highlighting their unique features and benefits for traders looking to take their trading journey to the next level. Whether you’re interested in forex, futures, or other markets, these alternatives can be the stepping stones to realizing your trading ambitions.

Topstep Alternatives
Topstep Alternatives

OneUp Trader

OneUp Trader - Overview
OneUp Trader – Overview
  • Funding Options: OneUp Trader tries to provide traders with a range of funding options, including forex, futures, and stock trading.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders must pass a simulated trading evaluation to secure funding. Performance metrics vary depending on the chosen trading asset.
  • Fees: OneUp Trader charges a monthly subscription fee and a profit split. The trader keeps a percentage of their potential gains.
  • Notable Feature: They try to offer a unique “Trader Advancement” program, which allows traders to gradually increase their funded capital by hitting potential targets.


Earn2Trade - Overview
Earn2Trade – Overview
  • Funding Options: Earn2Trade tries to cater primarily to futures and forex traders.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders must complete a Trading Combine, which includes reaching potential goals and demonstrating risk management skills.
  • Fees: Earn2Trade charges a one-time evaluation fee and tries to provide a choice of monthly or annual subscription plans. Potential gains are shared between the trader and the platform.
  • Notable Feature: The GauntletTM program also tries to provide traders with a structured path to funding, with clear objectives and risk management guidelines.


TopstepFX - Overview
TopstepFX – Overview
  • Funding Options: While related to Topstep, TopstepFX tries to focus exclusively on forex trading.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders must pass a funded account evaluation that includes potential targets and risk management criteria.
  • Fees: Traders pay a monthly subscription fee and a profit split with the platform.
  • Notable Feature: TopstepFX tries to offer traders a chance to trade in the largest financial market, forex, with varying account sizes.


FTMO - Overview
FTMO – Overview
  • Funding Options: FTMO supports forex and CFD trading.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders must pass the FTMO challenge and verification phase, which involves reaching potential goals and adhering to risk management rules.
  • Fees: FTMO charges a one-time challenge fee and a profit split. Traders can choose from various account sizes.
  • Notable Feature: They offer a range of funded account sizes and have a straightforward evaluation process.

Funded Trader

Funded Trader - Overview
Funded Trader – Overview
  • Funding Options: The Funded Trader supports forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrency trading.
  • Evaluation Process: Traders must meet potential trading objectives and risk management criteria in a simulated account.
  • Fees: Funded Trader charges a monthly subscription fee, and traders keep a percentage of their potential gains.
  • Notable Feature: They also try to offer a diverse range of markets and trading instruments.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the world of trading account funding platforms tries to offer a variety of alternatives to Topstep, each with its own set of features and benefits. These alternatives try to provide aspiring traders with a pathway to access capital, refine their trading skills, and potentially launch a career in the financial markets.

When selecting the right alternative to Topstep, it’s crucial for traders to consider their specific trading objectives, asset preferences, and risk tolerance. The evaluation processes, fee structures, and available markets differ among these forex prop firms, trying to make it essential to choose one that aligns with your individual needs and trading strategies.

Whether you are interested in forex, futures, commodities, or other trading markets, there is likely an alternative that suits your goals. These platforms try to provide an invaluable opportunity to demonstrate your trading prowess and, with success, secure funded accounts to grow your trading career.

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