Trade Booster Premium EA

Trading in the volatile world of Forex can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. It demands a deep understanding of market dynamics, precise timing, and a lot of manual effort. However, with the introduction of Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0, traders now have an advanced tool at their disposal that can revolutionize their trading strategy. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the enhancements and new features of this expert advisor (EA), essential parameters for customization, and how it works, emphasizing the importance of responsible trading practices and risk management.

Trade Booster Premium EA
Trade Booster Premium EA

Enhancements and New Features

Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, version 1.0. One of the most striking improvements is the frequency of trading opportunities it offers. While the original version executed a meager 2 to 5 trades per month, the new version claims to generate approximately 400 to 500 pips of profit on a weekly basis, albeit dependent on market volatility. However, traders should consider such a claim with scepticism.

What sets this EA apart is its multi-dimensional approach to market analysis. It evaluates the market based on several critical factors, including:

  1. Strength: The EA assesses the overall strength of currency pairs in real-time, helping it make informed decisions.
  2. High and Low (HL): Trade Booster Premium EA considers the high and low prices of the previous day and the current day to identify potential trading opportunities.
  3. Trend Confirmation: It checks for confirmation of the prevailing trend across multiple timeframes – 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes – ensuring alignment before proceeding.
  4. Momentum Confirmation: Momentum is a crucial aspect of Forex trading, and this EA validates it before executing a trade.
  5. Advanced Currency Meter: The EA relies on version 4.0 of the Advanced Currency Meter, which provides the final confirmation signal before executing a trade.

This meticulous and multi-faceted approach to market analysis ensures that Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 places trades only after rigorous validation, enhancing the overall trading strategy’s reliability.

Essential Parameters for Customization

Customizability is a key feature of Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0, allowing traders to tailor their trading experience to match their preferences and risk tolerance. Some of the essential parameters that traders can adjust include:

  1. Target Profit of the Session: You can set your desired profit target for each trading session, giving you control over your trading goals.
  2. Delay Gap: The delay gap parameter allows you to fine-tune the timing of trade execution, aligning it with your trading strategy.
  3. Daily Profit Limit: This feature enables you to set a daily profit limit to avoid overtrading and maintain discipline.
  4. Lot Size Based on Equity: Adjust the lot size based on your account’s equity, ensuring that each trade aligns with your risk management strategy.
  5. Maximum Trades per Pair: Set a limit on the number of trades that can be executed for a specific currency pair to prevent overexposure.
  6. Trailing Stop: Utilize a trailing stop to protect profits and manage risk as the market moves in your favor.
  7. Take Profit and Stop Loss Limits: Define specific take profit and stop loss levels for each trade, ensuring risk is controlled.
  8. Trading Session Timings: Customize the times during which the EA operates, aligning it with your preferred trading hours.
  9. Background Color: Even the aesthetics of the EA can be personalized by changing the background color to suit your trading environment.

Once you’ve configured these parameters to your liking, Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 operates in fully automated trading mode, executing trades based on the criteria you’ve defined.

How It Works

Understanding the inner workings of Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 provides insight into its effectiveness and reliability. The EA’s operation follows a meticulously structured process:

  1. Strength Confirmation: The EA begins by evaluating the strength of different currency pairs in real-time, ensuring that it selects the most promising opportunities.
  2. High and Low (HL) Analysis: It then checks the high and low prices of both the previous day and the current day to identify potential entry and exit points.
  3. Trend Confirmation: Trade Booster Premium EA scans multiple timeframes, including 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes, to confirm the prevailing trend. It only proceeds if all these timeframes align in the same direction, minimizing the chances of entering trades against the trend.
  4. Momentum Check: Momentum is a critical factor in Forex trading, and the EA verifies it before proceeding with trade execution. This step ensures that trades are initiated when the market has the potential to move in the desired direction.
  5. Advanced Currency Meter 4.0 Confirmation: The final confirmation signal is derived from the Advanced Currency Meter version 4.0. This tool provides a comprehensive overview of currency strength and weakness, aiding in trade selection.

The systematic nature of Trade Booster Premium EA’s operation ensures that no trade is executed without rigorous validation at each step of the process. This approach is designed to minimize the inherent risks associated with Forex trading.

Risk Management and Responsible Trading

While Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 offers advanced features and automation capabilities, it is important to note that trading in the Forex market carries inherent risks. There are no guarantees of profits, and trading can be challenging, requiring years of experience and a deep understanding of market dynamics.

It is crucial for traders to approach automated trading tools like Trade Booster Premium EA with caution and responsible risk management practices. Some key considerations include:

  1. Risk Tolerance: Determine your risk tolerance and adjust the EA’s parameters accordingly to ensure that it aligns with your risk profile.
  2. Diversification: Avoid overconcentration in a single currency pair or asset class. Diversify your portfolio to spread risk.
  3. Regular Monitoring: While the EA operates automatically, it is essential to regularly monitor its performance and adjust settings as needed.
  4. Continuous Learning: Forex trading is a skill that requires continuous learning and adaptation to changing market conditions. Stay informed and educated about the market.
  5. Capital Protection: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Protect your capital at all costs and avoid overleveraging.
  6. Backtesting: Before deploying the EA with real capital, conduct thorough backtesting to evaluate its historical performance under various market conditions.


In conclusion, Trade Booster Premium EA version 2.0 is a sophisticated and powerful tool designed to assist Forex traders in their pursuit of trading success. Its numerous enhancements and customization options make it a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit. However, it should be used with caution, keeping in mind the inherent risks associated with Forex trading. Responsible trading practices, risk management, and continuous learning are essential components of a successful trading journey. You can check my best forex robots for some alternative options.

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