Trade Nation Review

Trade Nation is an online financial services provider that operates in the United Kingdom. The broker was established in 2014, regulated top-tier by ASIC and FCA. They provide traders with the MT4 trading platform for trading different platforms for trading CFDs on forex, indices, commodities, stocks, bonds, and shares. They provide traders with educational resources and a 24/5 customer support team. Their clients benefit from competitive trading conditions, such as tight fixed spreads, leverage of up to 1:200, spread rebates, trading signals, and much more. The minimum deposit required to start trading is $1.


Trade Nation has an impressive product portfolio from various popular asset classes such as CFDs on forex, indices, commodities, stocks, bonds, and shares.


Trade Nation clients are provided with the MT4 and a proprietary trading platform.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

The MT4 trading platform is a sophisticated trading platform that is popular among fore and CFD traders. The platform was developed in 2005 by MetaQuotes. It is designed to suit all levels of traders with a user interface that is simple yet packed with versatile functionalities. It also features charting tools, market indicators, scripts, expert advisors, advanced risk management tools, real-time market execution, and more. The MT4 trading platform is available as a desktop application for Windows and Mac computers, WebTrader, and a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Trade Nation MetaTrader 4 Platform
Trade Nation MetaTrader 4 Platform

Here are the salient features of MT4:

  • 9 time frames ad 3 chart types (Line, Bar, and Candlestick)
  • Market watch window with real-time price quotes
  • Instant, market, and pending order execution options
  • Stop-loss and take-profit orders for risk management
  • MetaQuotes community and marketplace
  • Push notifications for price alerts via SMS or phone
  • MQL4 editor for creating new scripts
  • Strategy tester with historical price data
  • Available on desktop and mobile devices and web browsers
  • One-click trading directly from the charts
  • Trading history
  • Full functionality for Exper Advisors (EAs)

Trade Nation Platform

The broker’s proprietary trading platform is designed with beginner traders in mind. As a result, it features a user-friendly interface that offers access to the global financial markets. The Trade nation trading platform is replete with various built-in tools, including 12 interactive graph types, stop-loss, drawing tools, and the ability to vary timescales from one minute to one month. The broker makes its proprietary trading platform available in web and mobile versions. There are various standalone trading on the broker’s website to assist traders. These tools include news, trading signals, and more.

Trade Nation Platform
Trade Nation Platform

The exclusive Smart News tool is exclusive to the Trade Nation platform, giving targeted real-time news updates that potentially affect the markets you’re monitoring. The mobile trading app of the Trade Nation platform delivers a smooth user experience, allowing you to trade confidently even on the move. Get that competitive advantage with charts, indicators, and studies supplied by ChartIQ, a leading source of sophisticated and fast analytical solutions. Trade Nation trading platform allows you to trade immediately from the chart view with the one-click trading feature. Timing may be key in trading. Therefore Trade Nation makes sure you can make transactions where you might need to. Customise your Trade Nation trading experience and gather important insights with the option to create lists of markets you’re watching.


The Trade Nation platform features various trading tools to assist a pleasurable trading experience. They can assist to boost efficiency, assessing markets, and generate trade ideas.

Trade Signals

Trade Nation has teamed with the only major trading signal provider with FCA support, offering you access to unbiased thoughts and suggestions from experienced trading professionals.

Trade Simulator

Trading is enormously thrilling but frequently quite tough to get your mind around as a novice. Here, you may discover what each stage requires and understand what the strange phrases and ideas mean, preparing you to conduct genuine trades with confidence. Anybody may utilise Trade Nation’s trading simulator – you don’t need to be a Trade Nation customer, and you don’t need a login.


Trade Nation provides traders with many learning resources, including learning articles, tutorials, trading guides, an FAQ section, news & analysis, experts’ explanations, and trading stories.

Alternative Data

When it comes to trading, alternative data can help you think outside the box. Trade Nation provides you with the information you need to stay ahead of the competition. Before making an investment, it is critical to consider all relevant news. After all, a well-planned trade is more likely to yield a profit. Such insights are typically derived from traditional sources, such as financial statements. However, while these are unquestionably useful, they rarely provide the entire story. This is why alternative data is now so valuable in assisting traders in making critical decisions.

You can gain a much clearer picture of the financial markets and improve your chances of success by moving away from traditional data sources and looking for insights elsewhere. Unlike traditional data, which is frequently reported by the company, alternative data is typically obtained from third-party sources. The methods for accomplishing this have evolved significantly over time. Financial analysts used to use unusual metrics to assess a company’s performance, such as counting the number of customers who visited a store on a specific day. Fortunately, things have advanced to the point where traders can quickly access in-depth online analysis.


There’s no denying that trading can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for a select few. The issue is that the vast amount of information available on the subject turns off many potential traders.

Trade Nation’s beginner’s guides break down key trading concepts in simple, easy-to-understand language with no complicated trading jargon. These are intended to introduce you to trading and help you decide whether it’s something you’d like to pursue. If you are, Trae Nation has plenty of resources to help you take the first steps in your trading journey with understanding and confidence.

Trading Explained

These are some of the most prevalent characteristics of trading. Maybe you’ve already come across them in your study or heard them discussed by other traders. Either way, it’s crucial to come to grips with these themes before you start trading, and Trade Nation takes care to ensure that educational content can be simply understood by beginners.

How to start trading

Trade Nation helps you discover the best strategy to start trading as a novice. Trade Nation tells you all you need to know by providing relevant insights from a wide variety of sources, from specialists on the Trade Nation team to first-time traders utilising the Trade Nation platform.

Trade Nation Community

The community section of Trade Nation is one of a kind. Here is what clients find in the community section of Trade Nation.

News & Analysis

This section is regularly updated with market updates. Traders can use this section to know what is going on in international financial assets markets and then align it with their technical analysis to find trading opportunities.

Experts Explain

Traders can use this collection of beneficial information from prominent trading authorities eager to assist in becoming a successful trader. Each individual has been hand-picked, so you can be confident that they are perfectly competent to share their greatest trading ideas with you. These materials aren’t intended for total novices but don’t be discouraged if you don’t consider yourself an expert just yet. Trade Nation’s instructors have avoided jargon in order to make their profound ideas as simple to grasp as possible.

Trading Stories

Trade Nation is more than simply a trading platform; it’s also a trading community. Rather than relying on unproven trade tales, listening to and learning from one another is the greatest approach to gain actual insights.

That’s why Trade Nation’s community is debunking myths and exposing falsehoods about everything trading entails. Being a good trader is a never-ending learning process. Thus the broker supplies you with accurate tools to help you gain knowledge, confidence, and understanding.


Overall, Trade Nation is an online retail broker that is regulated in multiple jurisdictions. They provide traders with a range of platforms for trading various financial markets. There are several trading tools, educational resources, and a client support team to assist traders. The minimum deposit required to start trading is $1.

Trade Nation











  • Advanced trading platforms
  • A great range of markets and products
  • Market news and other educational resources
  • Demo trading accounts
  • Prompt customer support


  • Cannot accept USA traders
  • Limited funding options
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