Trade The Pool Review

Trade The Pool (TTP) is an online stock trading prop firm developed by Five Percent Online Ltd, the same company that operates, a highly reputed and well-known online prop firm established in 2016. TTP’s expertise comes from years of specializing in the funding-traders arena, with a team of senior active traders who have first-hand experience in the field. They aim to create a rewarding trading environment, based on their own public ethic memorandum, and they place a strong emphasis on transparency and trust in an unregulated environment.

Trade The Pool Review
Trade The Pool Review

The Trade The Pool is a stock trading firm revolutionizing the trading landscape with innovative approaches. Designed to empower individuals seeking potential in the markets, Trade The Pool tries to foster a vibrant community of like-minded traders dedicated to mastering their craft. What sets Trade The Pool apart is its potential to fostering mutually beneficial relationships, setting a new standard in the industry.

Trade The Pool offers seamless access to global stock markets, enticing many to explore trading as a lucrative profession. With a range of account options, from Mini to Ultimate Buying Power, tailored to diverse trading needs, Trade The Pool ensures inclusivity. Special features like “Pump and Dump” enhance trading experiences, while newcomers can benefit from a complimentary 14-day trial. Transparency is key, with payout structures clearly outlined through a partnership with Deel.

Company Background and Ethical Standards

Five Percent Online Ltd, a company incorporated in Israel and the United Kingdom, has positioned itself as a leader and innovator in the online prop trading industry since its inception in 2016. The company takes pride in its high ethical standards and transparency, which are crucial in an unregulated environment. As part of its commitment to transparency, Trade The Pool™ is a registered trademark brand name owned by Five Percent Online LTD. They also own the registered trademarks for and The5es logo, as well as Trade-space.

Introduction to Trade The Pool

Trade The Pool presents a revolutionary approach to stock trading, streamlining the process for aspiring traders through a single-step evaluation. This evaluation entails completing a minimum of 30 trades within a 45-day timeframe, with a key focus on the daily drawdown limit, which plays a pivotal role in defining potential targets and maximum allowable drawdowns. The firm’s dedication to risk management ensures a tailored approach for each trader, setting the stage for potential in the dynamic world of trading.

Funding Program Options

TTP offers four different pricing options, each with its features and corresponding buying power:

1. Mini Buying Power ($97)

  • Buying Power: $20,000
  • Profit Target: $1800 (2xDD)
  • Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $900
  • Payout Title: 50/50
  • Minimum Trades: 30
  • Pump: 5%
  • Trading Period: 45 days
  • Daily Loss: $300
  • TraderSync: FREE

2. Super Buying Power ($300)

  • Buying Power: $80,000
  • Profit Target: $4200 (2xDD)
  • Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $2100
  • Payout Title: 60/40
  • Minimum Trades: 30
  • Pump: 5%
  • Trading Period: 45 days
  • Daily Loss: $700
  • TrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREE
  • TraderSync: FREE

3. Extra Buying Power ($475)

  • Buying Power: $160,000
  • Profit Target: $7800 (2xDD)
  • Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $3900
  • Payout Title: 70/30
  • Minimum Trades: 30
  • Pump: 8%
  • Trading Period: 45 days
  • Daily Loss: $1300
  • TrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREE
  • TraderSync: FREE

4. Ultimate Buying Power ($1240)

  • Buying Power: $260,000
  • Profit Target: $12000 (2xDD)
  • Maximum Drawdown (Max DD): $6000
  • Payout Title: 80/20
  • Minimum Trades: 30
  • Pump: 15%
  • Trading Period: 45 days
  • Daily Loss: $2000
  • TrendSpider/TradeIdeas: FREE
  • TraderSync: FREE


1. Transparent Ethical Standards

Trade The Pool stands out by placing a strong emphasis on ethical standards and transparency, which is commendable in the unregulated online prop trading industry. By committing to their public ethic memorandum and showcasing their transparent practices, they build trust with their partner traders. This is a significant advantage for traders who are concerned about potential disinformation and dishonesty in the funding-traders arena.

Transparency is critical in an industry where different firms may adopt their standards. Trade The Pool’s commitment to transparency is evident through their public ethic memorandum, which outlines the principles they adhere to in their interactions with traders. This level of transparency helps traders understand the rules and expectations of the funding program, providing a clear and trustworthy framework for their trading activities.

2. Diverse Funding Program Options

TTP’s offering of four distinct funding programs allows traders to select the one that best suits their trading experience, risk appetite, and financial capability. The tiered approach provides an accessible entry point for new and aspiring traders through the Mini Buying Power option, while experienced traders can opt for the higher-tier programs like Extra Buying Power or Ultimate Buying Power to access more significant capital and profit potential.

Having a range of options also means that traders can progress through the programs as they gain experience and demonstrate consistent profitability. This scalability ensures that traders are not limited to a single level but can evolve with the firm, creating a supportive environment for their trading journey.

3. Competitive Pricing

One of the standout features of TTP’s funding programs is the competitive pricing. Starting at just $97 for the Mini Buying Power option, traders with limited capital can enter the program and showcase their trading skills. This low barrier to entry is particularly attractive for those who may not have access to substantial funds but want an opportunity to trade with higher buying power.

Additionally, the cost of the funding programs is justified by the provided buying power and potential profit targets. The pricing is well-aligned with the market standards, offering value for traders seeking to capitalize on their trading expertise.

4. Trading Period and Maximum Drawdown

The 45-day trading period provided in each funding program strikes a balance between giving traders enough time to demonstrate their capabilities and avoiding extended commitments that might be too restrictive. It allows traders to adapt to market conditions and refine their strategies without the pressure of extremely short-term challenges.

The maximum drawdown limits in each program act as a safeguard against significant losses. While traders have the potential for considerable profits, the maximum drawdown ensures that they do not risk more than a predefined amount. This risk management approach encourages responsible trading and protects traders from severe financial setbacks.

5. Profit Targets and Payout Title

The profit targets set in each funding program offer traders achievable goals to strive for during the trading period. By defining specific profit objectives, TTP motivates traders to aim for consistent and substantial returns, enhancing the trading experience for both traders and the firm.

The payout titles are another significant aspect of TTP’s funding programs. The varying payout ratios provide an incentive for traders to push their trading performance further. Higher profit ratios reward traders for superior results, strengthening the partnership between TTP and its traders.

6. Free Trading Tools

TTP’s inclusion of free trading tools, such as TraderSync, TrendSpider, and TradeIdeas, adds substantial value to their funding programs. These tools assist traders in enhancing their trading strategies, identifying potential opportunities, and analyzing market trends.

TraderSync, for example, enables traders to track their trading performance, helping them analyze their strengths and weaknesses. TrendSpider and TradeIdeas offer powerful charting and scanning capabilities, giving traders access to cutting-edge technical analysis tools. The availability of these tools further bolsters TTP’s commitment to providing traders with the necessary resources to succeed.

Delving into Account Options

  • Mini Buying Power: Tailored for novice traders, this account provides a buying power of $20,000 at a nominal fee of $97, trying to foster steady growth through equitable potential sharing.
  • Super Buying Power: Intermediate traders can leverage this account, which offers a buying power of $80,000 for a fee of $300, expanding their trading portfolios with confidence.
  • Extra Buying Power: Designed for seasoned traders, this account elevates buying power to $160,000 for a fee of $475, accommodating larger investments and potential trading strategies.
  • Ultimate Buying Power: Geared towards ambitious traders, this account offers a commanding buying power of $260,000 at the cost of $1240, accompanied by an enhanced potential sharing ratio, reflecting the level of investment and potential trading opportunities.

Understanding Trade The Pool’s Evaluation Process

Prospective traders undergo a deep evaluation process, which includes completing a specified number of trades within a defined timeframe. Central to this process is the daily drawdown limit, which varies based on the selected account size. Traders must adhere to this limit while striving to achieve predetermined potential targets, ensuring a disciplined approach to trading and risk management.

Exploring Trade The Pool’s Special Features

  • The Reset/Bypass Button: Recognizing the importance of timing in trading, this feature allows traders to bypass daily drawdown limits swiftly for a specified cost, enabling them to capitalize on market opportunities effectively.
  • The “Pump and Dump” Features: These dynamic features adjust daily drawdown allowances based on traders’ performance, mitigating prolonged risk, thereby promoting potential trading practices.

Leveraging Trade The Pool’s Trading Platform

Trade The Pool utilizes the Trader Evolution platform, a comprehensive trading platform designed to meet the diverse needs of traders. From advanced charting tools to real-time market data, Trader Evolution tries to empower traders with the tools and insights needed to make informed trading decisions, driving potential in the markets.

Accessing Trade The Pool’s Comprehensive Support

  • Informative FAQ Section: Traders can access a wealth of information through the firm’s FAQ section, addressing common queries and concerns.
  • Active Engagement on Social Media: Trade The Pool maintains an active presence on social media platforms, enabling traders to connect with the firm and access personalized assistance tailored to their needs.

Trade The Pool Pros & Cons


  • Streamlined Evaluation Process: Trade The Pool simplifies the evaluation process for prospective traders, requiring completion of a specified number of trades within a defined timeframe, ensuring a straightforward path to becoming funded.
  • Diverse Account Options: With four distinct account sizes available, Trade The Pool caters to traders at various skill levels and investment capacities, offering flexibility and customization to meet individual trading needs.
  • Innovative Features: Trade The Pool introduces innovative features such as the Reset/Bypass Button and the “Pump and Dump” Features, enhancing traders’ experiences and optimizing performance in the markets.
  • Trader-Friendly Platform: Leveraging the Trader Evolution platform, Trade The Pool provides traders with a comprehensive user-friendly interface equipped with advanced charting tools and real-time market data, facilitating informed decision-making and driving potential in trading.


  • Risk of Drawdown: Like any trading platform, there is inherent risk involved in trading with Trade The Pool. Traders must be mindful of their daily drawdown limits and exercise caution to mitigate potential drawdowns.
  • Fee Structure: While Trade The Pool offers competitive fee structures for its account options, traders should be aware of associated fees and consider them when making trading decisions.
  • Learning Curve: For novice traders, navigating the world of trading may present a learning curve, requiring time and dedication to understand market dynamics and develop effective trading strategies.
  • Market Volatility: The financial markets can be unpredictable, and fluctuations in market conditions may impact trading outcomes. Traders should be prepared to adapt to changing market conditions and manage risks accordingly.


In conclusion, Trade The Pool presents itself as a reputable and innovative prop firm, with a focus on transparency, ethics, and providing traders with the tools they need to succeed. Their diverse range of funding programs accommodates traders with various levels of experience and capital, promoting growth and progression within the prop firm. The competitive pricing, reasonable trading periods, and maximum drawdown limits ensure a fair and balanced trading environment.

The profit targets and payout titles provide a clear path for traders to earn significant returns and incentivize superior performance. Additionally, the inclusion of free trading tools further enhances the value of the funding programs and empowers traders to make well-informed trading decisions.

While Trade The Pool has established itself as a reputable player in the online prop trading industry, potential traders should exercise due diligence before enrolling in any funding program. Understanding the rules, requirements, and expectations set by the firm is crucial to building a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.

Trade The Pool tries to stand as a beacon of innovation and opportunity in the world of stock trading. With its streamlined evaluation process, diverse account options, and advanced features, Trade The Pool empowers traders of all levels to thrive in the markets. Whether the investor is a novice trader looking to enter the market or a seasoned professional seeking advanced tools and insights, Trade The Pool tries to offer a comprehensive platform tailored to their needs.

Overall, Trade The Pool’s commitment to transparency, ethical standards, and providing traders with a supportive trading environment makes it a compelling option for traders seeking to grow their capital and advance their trading careers.

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