Trademetria Review

Trademetria is an online trading journal and analysis tool that allows traders to track and analyze their trading performance. The platform was created in 2014 by a group of experienced traders who understood the importance of keeping a trading journal to identify patterns and improve trading strategies. Trademetria has since become a popular platform among traders looking to enhance their trading skills.

In this review, we will dive into the features and benefits of Trademetria so you could determine if this platform is the right fit for your trading needs.

Trademetria Review
Trademetria Review

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of Trademetria is its user-friendly interface. The platform is easy to navigate, and traders can quickly access all of their trading data and analysis tools with just a few clicks. The interface is intuitive, and users can easily add new trades, analyze their performance, and generate reports.

Adding Trades and Data Management

Adding trades to the Trademetria platform is straightforward. Traders can add trades manually or import them from their brokerage account. Once trades are added, users can categorize them by asset class, trade type, or any other custom tags they choose to create.

Trademetria also allows users to manage multiple accounts from one platform. This is particularly useful for traders who have multiple brokerage accounts or manage accounts for others. The ability to consolidate all trading data into one platform saves time and makes it easier to analyze performance across multiple accounts.

Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics tools offered by Trademetria are some of the best in the industry. Users can generate detailed reports on their trading performance, including statistics on profitability, win/loss ratio, and drawdowns. The platform also offers a variety of graphs and charts that help traders visualize their performance over time.

One of the most useful features of Trademetria is the ability to conduct in-depth analysis of trading strategies. The platform allows users to compare different strategies side-by-side and see how they perform under different market conditions. This analysis can help traders identify patterns in their trading and make adjustments to improve their profitability.

Trademetria also offers a backtesting tool that allows users to test their trading strategies against historical data. This feature is particularly useful for traders who want to see how their strategies would have performed in different market conditions.

Risk Management

Risk management is an essential component of successful trading, and Trademetria offers a variety of tools to help traders manage risk. The platform calculates key risk metrics, such as maximum drawdown, and provides users with real-time alerts when their risk limits are breached.

Trademetria also offers a position sizing calculator that helps traders determine the appropriate position size based on their account size and risk tolerance. This tool can help traders avoid over-leveraging and manage risk more effectively.

Customer Support

Trademetria offers excellent customer support. The platform provides users with a detailed FAQ section, as well as a knowledge base that covers a wide range of trading topics. Users can also contact customer support via email or live chat for assistance with any issues they may encounter.


Trademetria offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of traders of all levels. The basic plan is free and allows users to track up to 100 trades per month. The paid plans start at $29.99 per month and offer additional features, such as the ability to track unlimited trades, access to advanced analytics tools, and priority support.


In conclusion, Trademetria is a good choice for traders who want to track and analyze their trading performance. The platform’s user-friendly interface, robust reporting and analytics tools, and risk management features make it a good choice for traders of all levels. The ability to manage multiple accounts and conduct in-depth analysis of trading strategies are particularly valuable features. Additionally, the pricing plans are reasonable, with a free plan available for users who want to try out the platform before committing to a paid plan. Overall, Trademetria is a nice tool for traders looking to improve their trading skills and achieve better results.

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