Trader University Review

The Trader University, founded by Matthew Kratter, the visionary behind their journey, have cultivated his expertise in trading and investing, honed through invaluable experiences within the corridors of esteemed hedge funds, over the course of 25 years. Originally conceived as a platform to share his trading wisdom, Trader University flourished into a hub of knowledge, propelled by the founder’s best-selling Amazon books.

Yet, the winds of change blew in late 2019 as the founder embarked on a compelling exploration—the captivating world of Bitcoin. This fascination not only reshaped his life but also revolutionized his content landscape. Now, the Trader University’s YouTube channel is a dedicated arena, focusing predominantly on Bitcoin and its profound impact on the ever-evolving global macroeconomic stage.

Trader University Review
Trader University Review

Course Offered by the Trader University

The Ultimate Guide To Bitcoin

In this course, the platform covers advanced Bitcoin topics, enabling you to buy Bitcoin anonymously, and build the confidence for long-term Bitcoin holding. This dedicated course is exclusively available to Premium Members.

Bitcoin Is Freedom Money

Explore the secrets of the Bitcoin network, final settlement assurances, and the innate superpowers of Bitcoin. Understand the real reasons behind Bitcoin’s volatility and learn how to buy Bitcoin anonymously. Safeguard your Bitcoin from software and gain insights into running your own Bitcoin node.

Momentum Stock Secrets

Uncover the secrets of momentum stocks, ranging from identifying them to managing entries, exits, position sizing, and risk. Master various trading strategies to generate trading opportunities from both trending markets and range-bound stocks.

Learn To Day Trade Like A Pro

Navigate the complexities of day trading, from pattern day trader rules to chart setup using TradingView. Learn strategies such as “Fade the News,” “Buy the Dip,” and more. Gain the skills to trade during earnings announcements and in bear markets.

Trader University - Overview
Trader University – Overview

Learn To Trade Stocks Like A Pro

Get started with stock trading by choosing the right broker, setting up your trading platform, and mastering candlestick charting. Understand candlestick patterns and leverage technical indicators. Explore topics like trader sentiment, stock screeners, and trading range-bound stocks.

10 Advanced Trading Strategies

Delve into advanced trading strategies, including swing trading techniques, options trading, and unique tactics to generate potential opportunities from various market scenarios. Learn about IPOs, scaling trades, trading cash buyouts, and creating a market-neutral long/short portfolio.


Access exclusive bonus content, including a personal trading plan, guidance on setting up trading platforms, and insights into setting alerts on TradingView.

Swing Trading with Options

Explore the world of swing trading with options. Learn to find the best stocks for swing trading and understand call options, options pricing, and risk reversals. Discover strategies for trading stocks after earnings announcements using options.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trader University tries to stand as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for traders and investors, both aspiring and seasoned. Their commitment to delivering a diverse curriculum spanning Bitcoin, momentum stocks, day trading, advanced trading strategies, and more is rooted in the belief that education is the cornerstone of success in financial markets.

As you conclude your exploration of Trader University, you embark on a path enriched with insights, strategies, and practical wisdom. They are dedicated to equipping you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions, navigate complex markets, and achieve your financial goals.

Remember that potential in trading and investing is not defined by quick trading opportunities but by the continuous journey of learning and adapting. The world of finance is dynamic, and at Trader University, the platform believe in nurturing your growth as a trader and investor.

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