Trader’s Way Review

Trader’s Way is an online forex broker that offers a great range of trading products and services to provide traders around the world with the widest opportunities available on the financial markets. You can trade on a number of CFD instruments, including Forex, Cryptos, Commodities, Metals and Energies. They provide clients with a range of powerful yet user-friendly trading platforms, including the very popular MetaTrader platforms, as well as the professionally designed cTrader platform. You will get access to very competitive trading conditions including low fees, tight spreads, flexible account types, leverage up to 1:1000, useful trading tools and educational materials.

Trader’s Way operates using the ECN brokerage model for executing trades. This helps to make sure that they can continuously deliver rapid trade execution speeds with low floating spreads and minimal slippage. There aren’t any limitations on trading styles, so expert advisors, scalping, hedging and news trading is allowed.

Anyone can open an account in just a few minutes and start trading online with a minimum deposit of just $10. Free demo accounts are also available if you want to trial the brokers services risk free to begin with. Once you have built some confidence and have had some success, you can then consider switching over to a real live trading account.

They’ve collected the best products, technologies and services, so that the needs of every trader are fully satisfied, regardless of your investment size or experience level. Each client is important to the broker and treated with the upmost respect.


With Trader’s Way, you can find everything to trade the way you like, without boundaries and limits. Choose from a vast range of contract for differences (CFDs) on Forex, Cryptos, Commodities, Precious Metals and Energies. You can trade on any market through the same platform, at any time and in any place without losing time and switching to other platforms.

CFD Trading

CFD stands for Contract for Difference, which is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference in a market’s price from when the contract is opened to when it is closed. CFD trading enables you to speculate long or short on the price movement of a whole host of financial markets, without needing to physically own the underlying asset.

If a trader believes the price of a financial instrument may rise, they may look to buy the instrument. If they believe the price may fall, they may look to sell the instrument. The difference in price between when the CFD is opened and closed, is the profit or loss minus any broker fees.


The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is the biggest and the most liquid market in the world with an average daily trading volume of about $4 trillion. Trader’s Way offer all traders a wide range of currencies for trading. You can trade in major currency pairs as well as in exotic ones. You can choose accounts with a fixed spread or accounts with a floating spread. Either way, you can get access to excellent, highly competitive forex trading conditions. The minimum transaction is 0.01 of a standard lot and you can choose a leverage ratio of up to 1:1000.

Metals (Gold and Silver)

Gold and silver have been attracting more and more investors over the years. In this era of financial uncertainty, when market collapses are looming large, people can often regard paper money as less valuable than before in some cases.

Trader’s Way offers you all the advantages of Gold and Silver CFD trading by whichever method you choose to trade – with fixed or variable spreads, on Micro, Standard or ECN accounts. Metals trading is also carried out via the most popular and user-friendly MetaTrader platform, available from any device anywhere through the Trader’s Way Web Trader and the MetaTrader app.

Energies (Oil and Gas)

Energy markets are that part of commodities markets that deals specifically with the trade in and supply of energy. Energy markets encapsulate the electricity market as well as other sources of energy.

Trader’s Way offers well-known crude light oil and natural gas CFD trading on the convenient MT4 and MT5 platforms with its user-friendly interface, advanced charts, indicators, Expert Advisors and programming options.


As we continue to move forward in the digital age, cryptocurrencies are becoming a more and more popular way of moving money around the world securely and efficiently. As such, it is becoming an increasingly popular asset-class for traders and investors alike.

Trader’s Way offer all traders a range of cryptocurrencies for trading, all in the same account as Forex, Metals and Energies. You can begin trading with only $10 and with a minimum lot size of 0.01 for all.


Trader’s Way provides their clients with a good selection of sophisticated trading platforms, including the widely used MT4 and MT5 platforms, as well as the advanced cTrader platform. The MT4 and MT5 platforms are available as a non-installable web trading terminal that runs on most modern browsers, installable desktop applications for Mac and Windows computers, and mobile trading apps for Android and iOS devices.

MetaTrader was developed by MetaQuotes who are a developer of software applications for brokerages, banks, and exchanges. MetaQuotes has an impressive development background, which led the company into developing a series of trading application, from a simple FX Charts platform to the latest and most advanced technological innovation, the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset trading platform.

Trader's Way MT4 Platform
Trader’s Way MT4 Platform

MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 trading platform is a popular choice for forex and CFD traders. MT4 allows trading on the financial markets with relative ease, making it a common choice for beginners. By using this trading terminal, traders can analyse the dynamics of trading instruments, make trading transactions, create and use programs for automatic trading (Expert Advisors).

The MetaTrader 4 client terminal has a very impressive suite of analytical tools. To each trading instrument there are 9 timeframes (periods) to choose from and 3 chart types, which allows you to analyse the dynamics of market prices in great detail. Over 50 built-in technical indicators and tools are at your fingertips in your analytical work in MT4. They help to reveal trends, to find various figures, to determine input and exit points and many other things. There is a possibility to overlay one analytical object over another one.

Analytical possibilities of MetaTrader 4 terminal are not limited only to the platform. If you want to use any non-standard indicator, it is possible to write it by yourself using the built-in MQL4 language and programming interface. It is also possible to write expert advisors to automate your trading strategy in an MT4.

The MetaTrader 4 platform meets the highest security standards. Data exchange between the client terminal and the platform servers is encrypted. The information interchanged between the MT4 client terminal and the platform servers is ciphered by 128-bit key. The platform additionally supports the use of RSA digital signatures. You can rest assured that your trading accounts are securely protected!

Trader's Way MT5 Platform
Trader’s Way MT5 Platform

MetaTrader 5

Trader’s Way is also able to offer you MetaTrader 5, the next-generation trading terminal and successor of MT4. MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform for trading Forex, exchange instruments, futures, and CFDs. The platform offers advanced financial trading functions, as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

This multi-lingual platform gives traders the ability to analyse trading instruments with over 80 built-in indicators, view Market Depth data, build Expert Advisors in a robust environment and test them the innovative Strategy Tester. This new powerful testing environment allows developers to expose their automated strategies to more realistic trading conditions and features more settings for fine tuning.

The MetaTrader 5 trading platforms offers an advanced Market Depth feature (with a tick chart and Time & Sales information), a separate accounting of orders and trades, the support of all types of trading orders and execution modes. Two order accounting modes are provided in the platform: the netting mode is adopted on exchange markets, while the hedging method can be used for Forex trading. With the One Click Trading function and the Market Depth option, users can buy and sell currency pairs, equities, futures and CFDs with just one click. The Stop Loss and Take Profit options are designed to help secure profits and minimize losses.

Up to 100 charts can be opened in the platform to enable monitoring of all required financial instruments. The MetaTrader 5 charting system includes 21 time-frames, from one-minute to one-month. Such a diversity of time-frames allows examining short-term price fluctuations along with long-term trends. MetaTrader 5 also provides over 80 built-in technical indicators and analytical objects for the most detailed price analysis. More technical indicators can be downloaded, purchased or ordered using additional MetaTrader 5 services.

Fundamental analysis tools, such as financial news and the economic calendar, can also be used to forecast the price dynamics of financial instruments in MetaTrader 5. Analyze various economic indicators, read news reports from international news agencies, and try to forecast their effect on currency and stock prices.

MetaTrader 5 can also trade automatically by using trading robots and trading signals. In addition to the desktop and mobile versions, the platform is available on the web and can be accessed from any device.

Trader's Way cTrader Platform
Trader’s Way cTrader Platform


cTrader is a leading multi asset Forex and CFD trading platform which offers rich charting tools, advanced order types, level II pricing and fast entry and execution. A stunning user interface available from multiple devices and connected to the most sophisticated backend technology.

Trader’s Way cTrader takes the best advantages available to major institutional traders and puts them into the hands of individual and corporate traders with sub-millisecond execution speeds and no conflict of interest due to there not being any dealing desk functionality available for a broker.

cTrader supports simultaneous order processing, multiple orders can be filled at once, there’s no order queue. With cTrader, orders are filled in just milliseconds. Cloud technology and Data centres collocated with major aggregators, ECNs and liquidity providers guarantee low latency and the fastest order execution on the market. One click and double click trading are available from the top of every chart.

The cTrader platform is user-friendly and supports manual trading with advanced charting and one-click functionality. It is available in the web version, desktop applications, and mobile apps. Currently supported languages are: English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, German.

cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy enables anyone to become a Strategy Provider, broadcast their trading strategy and charge a commission or fee. Other traders can search and copy the strategies available and enjoy commitment free investing and use their own risk management settings.

cTrader Automate

cTrader Automate is a powerful and intuitive solution where traders can develop algorithmic trading robots to automate their trading strategies. Traders can use cTrader’s modern C# API to write code inside the integrated development environment, test and optimize their robots and custom indicators.

cTrader Open API

Build your own applications using cTrader’s Open API. It’s a free and secure, publicly accessible API for anyone. Developers can leverage cTrader’s established technologies to build their web, mobile or desktop applications which can be used to connect and trade with any cTrader account.

cTrader FIX API

cTrader provides the industry’s standard FIX API trading interface to every trader with their cTrader account, there is no cost, commitment, or administration required to access. These FIX API rules of engagement have been designed specifically for the requirements of retail traders and accommodate trading with Hedging accounts.

cTrader Charting

cTrader’s charting is designed to suits your needs. Using three presentation modes (Single-Chart, Multi-Chart and Detached Chart) and three different layouts, you can view the markets exactly the way you want to.

cTrader offers all the charting tools you will need to apply technical analysis and identify trade opportunities. Analyse the markets by using our extensive indicator library, build your own custom indicators or combine indicators together by using one as a source for another.

cTrader charts feature 14 timeframes, including 2 Minute, 4 Minute and 12 Hour charts, to suit any trading strategy and help traders develop a market price projection. Users can also view charts on 6 different zoom levels for an in-depth or birds-eye view of currency price action.

Technical Analysis

Traders are given all the tools necessary for effective technical analysis, including all major trend indicators, oscillators, volatility measures and other major indicators, all accessible from directly within the chart.

Tools are easy to plot, modify and move, and our studies automatically adjust to the chart’s timeframe and zoom level.

The technical indicator toolbar can be moved to any side of the chart to allow you the easiest access that suits your trading.

Traders Way MetaTrader App
Traders Way MetaTrader App

Mobile Trading Apps

If you travel a lot you can trade on the go using the MetaTrader mobile apps. Just install the application on any compatible device and the access to all the markets will be at your fingertips! Versions for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile operating systems are available for your choice. You can use the same trading account on your phone or tablet as on your pc.

Mobile trading allows you to manage your accounts from portable devices like smartphones, pocket and tablet PCs. In MetaTrader, mobile trading offers a great variety of analytical options and graphical display of quotes in addition to the complete trade account management.

Using mobile terminals in daily activities offers a convenient way to keep up with your accounts when you don’t have access to a desktop computer. In this situation mobile platforms are really indispensable, as their possibilities are no different from the desktop version of MetaTrader trading platform. Wherever you are, you can keep on top with the market’s latest developments, analyse them and perform trading operations at any time.


In addition to the tools that come with the various platforms, the broker provides other useful tools, such as the QuickDeal tool that brings market depth level 2 pricing, cMirror for copy trading, VPS hosting service, FxWire Pro Newsfeed, and more.

Social Trading

With social trading and automated trading becoming more and more popular nowadays, the broker has partnered with MetaQuotes and FxStat to offer you their state-of-the-art platforms. You can analyse signal providers’ performance using comprehensive account monitoring tools and choose the strategies most suitable for you. Trades from the selected providers will be copied to your account automatically. Just keep in mind that there is no guarantee on just how well these signals will perform. Make sure you are aware of all the risks involved.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With the brokers VPS Hosting Service, you can be sure that your robots, Expert Advisors and scripts run 24/7 with maximum uptime and excellent connection to Trader’s Way main server.

Traders Way QuickDeal 2.0
Traders Way QuickDeal 2.0

QuickDeal 2.0

Trader’s Way QuickDeal 2.0 brings Market Depth Level 2 pricing and One-Click Trading to MetaTrader. This tool together with our STP/ECN trading engine transforms standard MT into advanced full-featured STP/ECN trading platform.

With QuickDeal you can analyse market depth in MetaTrader and make more profound trading decisions thanks to better market understanding. The tool also lets you open an order with just a single mouse click, which makes trading faster and more convenient. Trader’s Way QuickDeal has a range of other helpful features including information about current trading instrument net volume, P/L and break-even price as well as a Close All button.

  • Level 2 Market Depth pricing
  • Order opening with one mouse click
  • Volume, Stop Loss and Take Profit settings which you can choose from a list or enter manually
  • Ability to set Stop Loss and Take Profit figures for already opened orders on Market Execution
  • Current trading instrument Net Volume, P/L and Break-Even Price
  • A Close All button to close all current trading instrument open positions or to close ALL open positions for a particular trading account
  • A Pin-Unpin button to move the tool window outside the chart window
  • Current spread information
Traders Way MT4 Trading Signals
Traders Way MT4 Trading Signals

MT4 Trading Signals

MetaTrader 4 provides built-in social trading signals. Using this service, you can copy deals of other traders directly in your terminal. All you need to do is to choose a Signals Provider and subscribe to their signals. After that, all deals will be automatically copied on your trading account.

Any MetaTrader 4 user can take advantage of trading signals. Select a signal from the list, evaluate its trading parameters and subscribe to it if you are satisfied. There are many providers who offer their signals for free. If you are interested in a paid signal, you can also subscribe to it easily. Just remember that there can be no assurance on how the signals will perform.

  • Simple and readymade social trading solution
  • High security for all participants
  • Free and paid signals available
  • No commission required
  • Access signals across a large range of markets
Traders Way FxStat Autotrading
Traders Way FxStat Autotrading

FxStat Auto Trading

FxStat is an innovative account monitoring, social networking and auto trading (copy trading) service. At the core of FxStat’s offering are state-of-the-art auto trading platforms and a social trading service range that gives investors the possibility to create a diversified portfolio and have full control over their accounts whenever and wherever they may be.

By using FxStat auto trading, traders and investors can view, analyse and evaluate signals from experienced Forex traders and execute the signals in real time in their accounts. FxStat offers strategies only from traders with real accounts and real money. Again, there is no guarantee on just how well signals will perform and historical results are by no means any guarantee of future performance.

  • Complete automated trade replicator platform accessible through the web with no download or integration required
  • Create a portfolio of the best performing instruments
  • Email notifications on each event such as buy, sell, close and orders
  • Daily, weekly, monthly trading reports on each account
  • Real time position monitoring
  • Full control over your trading accounts
  • Open positions real time data streaming
  • Multi-account management
  • Account Risk Management
  • Block trading, with one-click trading

FxWirePro Newsfeed

FxWirePro is a comprehensive newswire service for investors and traders that covers all the news affecting the global markets in a truly trader friendly format – succinct and to the point. FxWirePro offers a full, guaranteed transmission of XML news over a secure internet connection. The FxWirePro newsfeed comes readily integrated with the MT4 and MT5 terminals so that you can keep on top of what is happening in the global markets.

Economic Calendar

The broker has an economic calendar which you can access on their website. It shows the latest news releases along with the forecasted, previous and actual impact that each release can have on various currencies. This is often considered as an integral tool when it comes to conducting fundamental analysis.


The broker has a few educational materials on different sections of their website, which cover the basic trading principles that may be helpful to a beginner trader. Aside from those, the only other educational resources provided by the broker are the weekly market outlook and webinars.

Traders Way Webinars
Traders Way Webinars


Traders Way host webinars where you can join veteran forex trader Wayne McDonell as he shares his market outlook based on over 10 years of experience as a currency trader. These live forex strategy sessions review the market in real-time for:

  • Fundamental Events
  • Trader Sentiment
  • Support and Resistance Zone
  • Discuss Possible Trade Setups
  • Review Trading Techniques
  • Live Q&A

Market Info

This section on the brokers website takes a look at some of the weekly events which can be a good way to anticipate market movements and inspire possible trading opportunities.

Trading Guides

The broker has some simple guides covering basic topics such as how to trade online, what markets there are and how to control risk. It would be great if they could expand on this with some in-depth courses and tutorial videos to help educate new traders.


Trader’s Way provide very competitive trading conditions so that clients around the globe can trade CFDs on Forex, Cryptos, Precious Metals and Energies. The broker provides an excellent choice of powerful yet user-friendly trading platforms which you can use on desktop, directly in your web browser and as mobile trading apps.

You can trade with low commission fees, variable spreads and reliable execution speeds at the best possible prices. Clients can also take advantage of trading signals with a variety of social trading signals available.

It takes just a few minutes to open an account and start trading forex and other markets with a minimum deposit of just $10. There are even free demo trading accounts if you would like to practice trading online without the risk before opening a real live account.

However, they are an unregulated broker and could improve by adding some stock instruments and educational resources.

Traders Way











  • Industry leading trading platforms
  • Social trading platforms for copy trading
  • Market analysis provided
  • Decent range of educational resources
  • All EAs, scalping and hedging allowed
  • Free demo trading accounts


  • Not regulated
  • Do not accept traders from some countries
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