Trading Fanatic Review

Trading Fanatic is a comprehensive trading program that claims to provide traders with all the necessary tools, systematic strategies, and daily analysis they need to successfully trade in the Forex, Crypto, and Indices markets. The program offers a variety of features including a free market structure course, a fanatical newsletter with insights on trading, personal finance, and psychology, free Telegram updates, and premium services such as the Fanatic Way Trading Program. This article aims to provide an in-depth review of the Trading Fanatic program, detailing its features, pros and cons, and benefits to traders.

Trading Fanatic Review
Trading Fanatic Review

Market Structure Course

The Market Structure Course is a free educational program that claims to provide an in-depth understanding of the different types of market structures that exist in economics. It is designed to help students and professionals gain insights into the ways markets operate and the factors that affect market outcomes.

The course covers the various types of market structures and also explores the factors that influence market outcomes. These courses include:

  • Perfect competition
  • Monopolistic competition
  • Oligopoly
  • Monopoly
  • Market power
  • Entry barriers
  • Product differentiation
  • Pricing strategies

Through lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises, the Market Structure Course aims to equip participants with the analytical tools needed to evaluate market structures and understand the implications of market power for consumers, firms, and society as a whole. The course is designed for individuals who work in industries affected by market structure and for those who are interested in pursuing careers in economics, business, or policy.

The Fanatic Way Program

The Fanatic Way Program is a self-help program that claims to help individuals achieve their goals by providing them with the tools and resources they need to overcome obstacles and develop a winning mindset. The program is designed to help people become more productive, focused, and motivated, and to teach them how to achieve success in all areas of their lives, including their careers, relationships, and personal development.

The program is structured around a series of modules, each of which is designed to teach participants a specific set of skills or techniques. The course covers all the essentials of trading, including:

  • How to craft a Professional Risk and Money Management plan to manage your capital and minimize your losses.
  • How to understand and analyze Market Structure in a mechanical way (no guessing) to identify market trends and trade setups.
  • How to systematically perform Top-Down Analysis to identify the broader market trend and potential trade opportunities.
  • How and when to Entry, Exit and Manage your trades to maximize your profits and minimize your risks.
  • How to master Timeframes correctly to identify the optimal trading timeframe for your trading style.
  • How to master Supply and Demand concepts to understand market movements and make informed trading decisions.
  • How to understand Liquidity and Fake Outs to avoid false breakouts and improve your trade accuracy.
  • How to Journal correctly to track your progress and identify areas for improvement in your trading strategy.
  • Trading Plan Template, Ebooks, Flow Charts, Strategy Summary to help you apply the concepts learned in the course and develop your trading plan.

Participants are also provided with access to a range of resources, including videos, audio recordings, and written materials, which they can use to reinforce the concepts and techniques they learn during the program.

The Fanatic Way Program is marketed as a comprehensive self-help solution that can help anyone achieve their goals, regardless of their current level of success or experience. The program is delivered entirely online, which means that participants can access the materials from anywhere in the world, and can complete the program at their own pace.

Free Telegram Tuesday Market Updates and Trading Setups

Trading Fanatic offers a free Telegram Tuesday Market Updates and Trading Setups service. The service provides weekly market analysis and trading setups through the messaging app Telegram. It is available for free to anyone who joins the Telegram group and provides insights on various markets, including stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Every Tuesday, members of the group receive a market update that includes a brief analysis of the previous week’s market movements, along with a list of potential trading setups for the upcoming week. The trading setups include entry points, stop-loss levels, and profit targets, along with a brief explanation of the reasoning behind each trade.

The service is run by experienced traders who use technical and fundamental analysis to identify potential trading opportunities. The goal is to help traders make informed decisions and improve their trading skills. However, it’s important to note that trading involves risk, and the service does not guarantee profits.


The pricing plan for The Fanatic Way program offers two options: a one-time payment of €897.00 or three monthly installments of €299.00 each. Both options give you immediate access to all program features, including all modules, community access, future updates, and mentorship. The one-time payment option provides you with lifetime access to all program features, whereas the installment plan gives you access for three months.

Trading Fanatic Review Pros & Cons


  • Trading Fanatic claims to offer a comprehensive education program for traders of all levels, covering various trading strategies and techniques.
  • The program includes live trading sessions, which could provide valuable real-time market experience.
  • The Telegram group and weekly market updates could provide ongoing support and guidance for traders.
  • The program offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, allowing traders to test the program without committing to the full cost.


  • The cost of it’s Fanatical Way program may be expensive for some traders, particularly those who are just starting out.
  • The effectiveness of their program may depend on the individual trader’s ability to apply the techniques and strategies taught in the program to their own trading.
  • It is unclear whether the program is suitable for traders interested in long-term investing, as the focus appears to be on short-term trading setups.
  • As with any trading program, there is always a risk that the strategies and techniques taught may not be successful in all market conditions.


In conclusion, Trading Fanatic offers a range of resources and services to assist traders in improving their skills and achieving their goals. While Trading Fanatic has received positive feedback for its educational resources, the high pricing of some of its services may be a drawback for some traders.

Additionally, the lack of a track record or verified results for the paid services may also be a concern for some. Overall, Trading Fanatic may be a good option for traders looking to improve their skills and knowledge in the market, but it’s important to carefully consider the pricing and track record of the services before making a commitment.

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