TradingwithRayner Review

TradingwithRayner offers professional price action trading education from a well-known online forex educator called Rayner Teo. You will discover plenty of price action strategies that you can use to trade in bull and bear markets. The educational packages are specifically designed to cater more towards the beginner forex trader. They include trend trading systems, candlestick patterns, systematic strategies and more. In addition to the free and premium trading courses available on the TradingwithRayner website, he also has a YouTube channel with a range of helpful forex trading videos covering various different subjects.

In this TradingwithRayner Review, we will take a look at exactly what the educational packages offer, to help you decide if this forex course is something that could be of use to you.

What is TradingwithRayner?

TradingwithRayner is an educational forex website where you can purchase a range of different trading packages that are designed to teach you how to trade the forex market. The packages are separated according to the subjects that they cover. Each has been specifically put together by forex educator Rayner who claims to have started trading back in 2009.

Rayner states that he wanted financial freedom and no boss to answer to, which motivated him to learn as much as possible about trading forex. The information that he has gathered over his years of experience is what is being shared in the trading courses. This includes everything from Price Action Trading, Candlestick Patterns, Indicators, Chart Patterns, etc.

In my opinion, the majority of this information can be found for free online – even TradingwithRayner has free content such as blog posts and videos. There are ample websites (including this one) that cover various forex trading strategies and price action analysis.

However, I do understand that some people prefer to have all of the information collated into one place and presented well, in easy to understand terminology, which is effectively what TradingwithRayner does.

I am also a big fan of price action trading. Why? Because I feel that it shows us what the forex market is doing right now at this very moment. Some technical indicators can be lagging and only show market movement in retrospect. Price action on the other hand could be considered the very pulse of the market. There can be no argument which way the market is moving if you follow the price.

That being said, there is a lot more to price action than rising and falling prices. The price movements can form familiar patterns which can give us an insight into the overall market sentiment, provided we have the education to interpret such signals. This is where an educational course such as those offered by TradingwithRayner can come into use.

Whilst having the knowledge to understand price action signals can be beneficial and give traders an edge, I feel that one of the best ways to learn how to trade forex is to put it into practice. This doesn’t mean to throw money away willy-nilly, but to open a demo trading account and practice trading various strategies to build your skills, confidence and find what works for you – after all, every trader will have different risk preferences and trading styles.

The best trading system in the world could be rendered useless if the trading discipline and psychology is not on point and poor money management is used. Demo trading over a sustained period of time can help to eradicate such potential pitfalls. OK, maybe I am going slightly off track but I think it is important for anyone looking to learn forex trading to understand there is much more to it than taking a few courses and using a trading system that may or may not work for someone else.

In addition to the free TradingwithRayner courses, there are premium packages which we will cover in the next section. You can also see my Price Action Trading Secrets review from Rayner Teo.

Candlestick Patterns

The free Candlestick Patterns guide presents a candlestick trading strategy that can be used for both buy (long) and sell (short) trades. It takes around 60 minutes to complete and will give you an idea of how candlestick patterns can be used to spot potential market trend or reversal signals. Candlestick patterns can be used for entry and exit points into the market but I would certainly be looking to include my own additional technical analysis and fundamental analysis to further verify such price action signals.

TradingwithRayner Candlestick Patterns
TradingwithRayner Candlestick Patterns

Price Action Trading

Emphatically named “The Ultimate Guide To Price Action Trading”, this is a free simple price action strategy that can again be utilised in both bull and bear markets, without needing any technical indicators. It looks at ways in which we can identify strength and weaknesses in the market as a means of trying to determine possible market turning points before they actually occur.

After all, if we can get in as early as possible, buying low and selling high, we can potentially catch some big market movements from the very start. Whilst using such a trading strategy, I would keep my stop loss on the other side of the reversal point that I have identified just in case the trade positions does not pan out, it can help to limit my losses. If the reversal does go ahead, one big winning trade could even recover multiple losses and then same.

This is one of the main reasons I would personally look to implement a favourable risk to reward ratio of at least 1:3, where one winning trade is 3 times that of a losing trade. I may even consider locking in the trade at break even around 1:1 and trail profits to try and capture as much if the move as possible.

TradingwithRayner Price Action Trading
TradingwithRayner Price Action Trading

Systems Trading

The free systems trading guide is designed to try and teach those who do not know a single line of code how to build systematic strategies. It includes a trend trading system for both bullish and bearish markets. Trend trading strategies can be great when you get on the right side of the prevailing trend. Hence the old saying goes, “the trend is your friend”.

The issue arises if we constantly enter the markets anticipating a trend but get whipsawed in and out of the market if it is ranging. This is where a reversal strategy may come in handy.

Another problem with trend trading is entering a trade position but watching the market trend against it and being stubborn to the point the drawdown becomes almost unbearable. It is certainly a scenario where good money management can help limit losses.

That being said, TradingwithRayner is geared towards teaching you some of these principles and ways in which they can be implemented into your own trading strategy.

TradingwithRayner Systems Trading
TradingwithRayner Systems Trading

The Ultimate Price Action Trader

The TradingwithRayner ultimate price action trader is a premium course that aims to teach you how you can become a consistent trader without relying on indicators, market news, or signal services.

The ultimate price action trader package includes:

  • The Ultimate Price Action Trader Program
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Rayner Teo
  • 6 Months Access to Pro Traders Edge Elite
  • 60-days Dedicated Trading Coach
  • Private UPAT Community
  • Advanced Stock Trading Course
  • Proprietary Trading Tools (Currency Strength Meter and Risk Manager)
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 1-payment of $799 (USD)
The Ultimate Price Action Trader
The Ultimate Price Action Trader

The Ultimate Trader Bundle

The TradingwithRayner ultimate trader bundle is a premium course that combines both price action and systematic trading to try and help you improve your overall trading knowledge and skills.

The ultimate trader bundle package includes:

  • Everything in The Ultimate Price Action Trader
  • Everything in The Ultimate Systems Trader
  • 12 Months Access to Pro Traders Edge Elite
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 60-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-payment of $1499 (USD)
The Ultimate Trader Bundle
The Ultimate Trader Bundle

The Ultimate Systems Trader

The TradingwithRayner ultimate systems trader is a premium course where you can discover how to use various different trading strategies that can be implemented across any trading instrument and timeframe.

The ultimate systems trader package includes:

  • Slow and Steady System
  • Power Stock Trading System
  • Mean Reversion Trading System
  • Systematic Trend Following System
  • Monthly Momentum Stock Trading System
  • Live Q&A Sessions with Rayner Teo
  • 60-days Dedicated Trading Coach
  • 6 Months Access to UST Performance Tracker
  • Private UST Community
  • UST Proprietary Scanner
  • UST Trading Checklists
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • 1-payment of $999 (USD)
The Ultimate Systems Trader
The Ultimate Systems Trader

Pro Traders Edge

The Pro Traders Edge is yet another choice of packages available from TradingwithRayner, focused on trending markets. It can give you a detailed breakdown of trading setups so that you can understand the reasons behind the trade. You’ll get a breakdown of trades explaining what went right, what went wrong, and the lessons you can learn from it. It covers forex, commodities and stocks. The timeframes are the 4-hour, 8-hour, and Daily charts.

You can choose between the Pro Traders Edge Elite and the Pro Traders Edge Premium.

Pro Traders Edge Elite

  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Recordings of Live Q&A Session
  • Priority Email Support
  • Weekly Pro Traders Edge Report
  • Weekly Technical Trade Report
  • Premium Trading Strategy Guides
  • Back test Research Lab
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • $99 Per Month (save $198 if paid annually)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Pro Traders Edge Premium

  • Weekly Pro Traders Edge Report
  • Weekly Technical Trade Report
  • Premium Trading Strategy Guides
  • Back test Research Lab
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • $49 Per Month (save $98 if paid annually)
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The Pro Traders Edge packages contain the following elements:

Pro Traders Edge Report

The Pro Traders Edge Report is a market report that is sent out every week. It includes a 15-minute video where Rayner discusses trading opportunities that he has spotted for the week ahead, based on his forex and stock market analysis over the weekend. It goes without saying, these should be used for educational purposes only. You should do your own market analysis and make your own informed decisions.

The Pro Traders Edge Report videos cover:

  • The top trending markets according to Rayner
  • Key areas of value to look out for that can help with trade management
  • Detailed thought process so you understand why Rayner is placing a trade, entry points, and exits
  • Trade recaps so you can study the trades he took and learn from his mistakes
  • Zero hindsight so you can learn in a live market environment rather than in theory
Pro Traders Edge Report
Pro Traders Edge Report

Technical Trade Report

This is a PDF report that highlights some of the possible key support & resistance levels in the forex and commodities market. At a glance, we can identify these potentially key levels in the market which can then be used as part of an overall market analysis.

Technical Trade Report
Technical Trade Report

PDF Trading Strategy Guides

This part of the Pro Traders Edge package is basically all of Rayners blog posts converted into PDF format so that you can download and print them to view at your leisure.

The PDF guides include:

  • Swing Trading Strategies
  • Forex Trading Strategies
  • Pinbar Trading Strategy Guide
  • The Advanced Guide To Support And Resistance
  • The Trend Reversal Trading Strategy Guide
PDF Trading Strategy Guides
PDF Trading Strategy Guides

Back Test Research Lab

This is another “bonus” included in the Pro Traders Edge package that includes Rayners findings from back testing different strategies over different data sets. Back testing refers to applying a set of rules against historical data so you can get a rough idea of how it could have performed historically.

Backtest Research Lab
Backtest Research Lab

TradingwithRayner Academy

Credit where it is due, the TradingwithRayner academy has plenty of free trading guides that a beginner trader should find very useful. If you look the free content, then you may want to consider some of the premium packages. The academy is a good way to start learning more about trading online and to see if you like the teaching style of Rayner before committing.

The TradingwithRayner academy includes free courses such as:

  • Forex Trading Course for Beginners
  • Candlestick Patterns Course for Beginners
  • Stock Trading Course for Beginners
  • Trading Terms You Must Know
  • TradingView Tutorial: How to Use TradingView
  • Price Action Analysis
  • Trading Strategies
  • Trading Psychology
  • Money Management
  • Technical Indicators
  • Trading Tips
  • Chart Patterns
TradingwithRayner Academy
TradingwithRayner Academy

TradingwithRayner Blog

For me, one of the best things that Rayner offers is the blog. Here you will find a selection of free trading guides that cover various trading topics.

TradingwithRayner Summary

I would personally like to see Rayner publish some real verified results of his trading. I can understand the privacy reasons to not doing so and fact that they could be scrutinised, perhaps unfairly. However, Rayner is a forex educator that offers a ton of educational material to help traders improve their forex trading skills and knowledge. Thus, I think he would benefit greatly from sharing real trading activity and help to encourage more confidence from his students. It would be extremely useful for those who are going to be spending hours of their time learning how to trade with the TradingwithRayner packages.

In saying that, huge credit must go to Rayner for the vast amount of free educational materials that he provides through his website and YouTube channel. Even if you did not purchase one of the premium packages, there should be more than enough content for beginners to learn about various aspects of trading online.

There is a variety of premium packages to choose from that cater to different trader needs. These cover everything from trading strategies to market analysis, real-time reports and back testing data. It is all organised quite well although perhaps slightly on the more expensive side, especially for the information that is freely available online. On that note, there is a refund policy should you not find the material useful but it seems like the majority of customer feedback shared on the website is positive.

The information provided by TradingwithRayner are meant for educational purposes, and in no instance to be regarded as investment advice.


From $799








  • Free trading videos & guides
  • Plenty of educational resources
  • Various trading strategies
  • Weekly market reports
  • Choice of packages
  • Dedicated trading coach
  • Learn how to trade online
  • Back test data report
  • Refund policy
  • Full Support


  • Requires some user initiative
  • Steep learning curve
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