Trend Matrix EA Review

In the vast and intricate realm of forex trading, where precision and adaptability are paramount, Trend Matrix EA emerges as a beacon for traders seeking trend-following strategies. More than just a forex robot, Trend Matrix EA positions itself as a sophisticated tool designed to navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the forex markets. This in-depth review aims to unravel the myriad features, capabilities, and nuances of Trend Matrix EA, providing traders with a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities and potential benefits.

Trend Matrix EA Review
Trend Matrix EA Review

User-Friendly Interface

Trend Matrix EA’s journey begins with its user-friendly interface, carefully crafted to cater to traders of all levels of expertise. The interface is intuitive, making the setup and customization process seamless. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting, the set-and-forget nature of Trend Matrix EA allows for easy tailoring, accommodating various trading styles and preferences.

Comprehensive Risk Management

The cornerstone of any successful trading strategy is robust risk management, and Trend Matrix EA places a strong emphasis on this crucial aspect. The expert advisor incorporates a suite of risk management tools to safeguard traders’ interests:

Broker Protection

Protecting trades from broker-related issues ensures the integrity of the trading process, assuring users of a fair and secure trading environment.

Spread Protection

Excessive spreads can significantly impact trading results. Trend Matrix EA includes Spread Protection, preventing unfavorable spread conditions from adversely affecting trading outcomes.

Slippage Protection

In the fast-paced forex markets, slippage is a common concern. Trend Matrix EA minimizes the effects of slippage, ensuring precise order execution even in volatile conditions.

Static and Dynamic Trailing Stop System

Trend Matrix EA offers a Trailing Stop System that adapts to market conditions, allowing users to lock in gains based on either fixed or dynamic parameters.

This comprehensive suite of risk management tools instills confidence in traders, assuring them that their risk is meticulously managed throughout their trading journey.

Next Generation Loss Recovery System

At the heart of Trend Matrix EA lies its Next Generation Loss Recovery System, an approach to handling adverse market conditions. While many other EAs falter when faced with unexpected market reversals, Trend Matrix EA thrives on adversity.

Intelligent Reversal Detection

The Loss Recovery System intelligently identifies early signs of a market reversal. When negative trades are detected, the EA takes swift action, closing these trades and opening new ones in the opposite direction.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

This ingenious technique transforms challenging market conditions into opportunities, showcasing Trend Matrix EA’s ability to navigate and capitalize on market shifts with agility.

Stay Informed with Push Notifications

In the fast-paced world of forex trading, staying informed is crucial. Trend Matrix EA addresses this need with its push notification system. Traders receive real-time alerts on their preferred devices, keeping them updated on significant market developments and EA actions. This level of connectivity ensures that traders are always in the loop, regardless of their physical location.

Tailored Trading Options

Recognizing the diverse preferences and strategies of traders, Trend Matrix EA offers tailored trading options:

“Only Longs” and “Only Shorts” Modes

Traders can choose between “Only Longs” and “Only Shorts” trading modes, aligning the EA with their specific market outlook and strategy.

Adapting to Bullish or Bearish Markets

Whether a trader is bullish, bearish, or somewhere in between, Trend Matrix EA adapts to their needs, providing flexibility in trading approaches.

Trailing Stop System

Market dynamics can change rapidly, and Trend Matrix EA equips traders with a dynamic Trailing Stop System:

Locking in Profits

The system allows users to adapt to market movements seamlessly, locking in profits as trades progress while maintaining the flexibility to capture potential gains.

Continuous Evolution

Trend Matrix EA is not a static product; it’s a product of ongoing development and refinement. A dedicated team of experts ensures regular updates to adapt to evolving market conditions and incorporate the latest advancements in trading technology. When traders choose Trend Matrix EA, they opt for a product that evolves with the market, reflecting a commitment to staying at the forefront of trading innovation.


In light of its user-friendly interface, comprehensive risk management, innovative loss recovery system, and commitment to continuous evolution, Trend Matrix EA emerges as a cutting-edge forex robot. Traders are encouraged to join a community of successful users who trust Trend Matrix EA to stay on the right side of market trends.

Recommended Timeframe and Backtesting Method

To optimize the use of Trend Matrix EA, the developers recommend:

  • Timeframe: H1
  • Backtest Method: H1 by every tick
  • Supported Currency Pairs: AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, NZDCAD, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAGUSD, and Brent Crude Oil

The default settings are tailored for EURUSD H1, providing a starting point for users to explore the capabilities of Trend Matrix EA.

EA Settings and Customization

For traders seeking a more hands-on approach, Trend Matrix EA provides an extensive list of customizable settings:

Risk Management Settings

  • FixedLots: Fixed trading volume (works if AutoMM1=0).
  • AutoMM: Automatic Money Management (traded volume as a percentage of free margin).
  • AutoMM_Max: Maximum allowed trading risk when Recovery Trade is opened.

General Settings

  • LongTrades: Enable/disable BUY (long) trades.
  • ShortTrades: Enable/disable SELL (short) trades.
  • Magic: Magic number for trade identification.
  • MaxSpread: Maximal allowed spread for position opening.
  • Slippage: Maximal allowed slippage for position opening.

Broker Regulation Settings

  • NFA: Set “true” if your broker is NFA regulated.
  • No_Hedge: Set “true” if you wish to cancel all hedge trades.

Trading Login Settings

  • StopLoss: Stop Loss in pips.
  • TakeProfit: Take Profit in pips.
  • BreakOut: Breakthrough over the volatility borders in pips.
  • BreakOut_Period: The period of the volatility indicator.

Trailing Stop Settings

  • TrailingStop: Fixed trailing stop value.
  • TrailingStopAfter: When Fixed_Trailing is greater than 0, and the current profit of the trade is greater or equal to Fixed_Trailing_After, the robot will set a trailing stop.
  • TrailingStopStep: The step of the fixed trailing stop.
  • DynamicTrailingStop: Volatility trailing stop multiplier.

Next-Gen Recovery System

  • NGRS: Enable/disable Next Generation Recovery System.
  • NGRS_After: Value in pips to trigger the recovery process.
  • NGRS_FixedLots: Lot size of the recovery trades.
  • NGRS_RiskMultiplier: Multiplier for recovery trades lot size.
  • NGRS_TakeProfit: Close all recovery trades when their total profit is equal or greater than this value.
  • NGRS_StopLoss: Close all recovery trades when their total loss is equal or greater than this value.

Notifications Settings

  • EMAIL_Notification: Enable/disable email notifications.
  • PUSH_Notification: Enable/disable push notifications to mobile phones.

How to Backtest Trend Matrix EA

For traders looking to evaluate the historical performance of Trend Matrix EA, a step-by-step guide is provided:

  1. Download history from the MetaTrader history center.
  2. Select the currency pair and download data for various timeframes.
  3. Open the “Strategy Tester” window and choose Trend Matrix EA.
  4. Select a supported currency pair, timeframe, and backtest method.
  5. Utilize the default settings optimized for EURUSD or download individual .set files for other supported currency pairs.

By following these steps, traders can gain insights into how Trend Matrix EA performs in different market conditions and timeframes.

Compatibility and Download

Trend Matrix EA boasts compatibility with two of the most popular operating systems: Mac OS and Windows OS. The developers have worked diligently to ensure seamless compatibility with these widely used operating systems. Additionally, Trend Matrix EA is compatible with the most popular metatrader platforms in the forex market – Metatrader 4 (MT4) and Metatrader 5 (MT5).

To gain access to Trend Matrix EA, users are required to purchase one of the paid products from the Forex Robots page. The process is initiated by clicking the “Click To Check Our Forex Robots” button, redirecting users to the forex robots page where they can make their purchase.

Pricing and Support

The pricing structure for Trend Matrix EA includes a range of features to enhance the user experience:

  • 1 Real Account
  • 3 Demo Accounts
  • 24/7 Support
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Price: $567

This comprehensive package offers users the opportunity to trade with confidence, access support around the clock, and explore the capabilities of Trend Matrix EA in both real and demo environments. The 60-day money-back guarantee adds an extra layer of assurance for those looking to test the EA’s effectiveness without long-term commitment.


In conclusion, Trend Matrix EA stands out as a robust and sophisticated tool for traders seeking trend-following strategies. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive risk management tools, innovative loss recovery system, and commitment to continuous evolution position it as a compelling choice in the world of forex robots.

However, as with any trading tool, users are advised to conduct thorough testing in various market conditions and exercise caution in live trading. The 60-day money-back guarantee provides an opportunity for traders to explore the capabilities of Trend Matrix EA with reduced risk.

If Trend Matrix EA lives up to its promises, it could become an invaluable asset for traders navigating the dynamic and challenging landscape of the forex markets. By combining cutting-edge technology with adaptive strategies, Trend Matrix EA appears poised to offer traders an innovative solution for trading.

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