Trick Trades Review

Established in 2017 by Patrick Mitchel, who continues to try serving as its CEO, Trick Trades has tried to carve out a niche for itself as a specialized provider of educational services in the realm of day trading. With a business model centered around offering fee-based instructional products, the company has primarily attracted a clientele from the day trading community. Trick Trades is deeply committed to try equipping both newcomers and more experienced traders with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the fast-paced world of day trading.

Trick Trades Review
Trick Trades Review

Profile Overview of Patrick Mitchell and Trick Trades

Known affectionately as “Trick” among his close circle, Patrick Mitchell tried to transition from a physically demanding career as an oilfield pipeline welder to become the founder and CEO of Trick Trades. The economic landscape of his home province and the diminishing oil prices triggered this career shift, which he saw as both a necessity and an opportunity.

While the journey has been fraught with challenges, including some wrong turns, Mitchell’s indomitable Albertan spirit has kept him focused on his objectives. Rooted in his own trials and errors in the trading arena, Trick Trades tries to bring to the table an array of personalized educational services designed to cater to his unique trading style.

A Comprehensive Review of Trick Trades Services

Open to a broad audience ranging from beginners to seasoned traders, Trick Trades is laser-focused on delivering quality trading education suitable for all levels. The educational offerings are primarily fee-based and are available for purchase through their online store. Two main packages — “Guidance” and “Mentorship” — try to offer differentiated services based on the trader’s needs.

The Guidance Program

Priced at $197 per month, the Guidance Program tries to offer a suite of resources including daily market insights, real-time educational content, live screen sharing, Savage Scans, daily video watchlists, in-depth trade recaps, and a rich library of video lessons.

The Mentorship Program

At $309 per month, the Mentorship Program builds upon the Guidance Program by trying to offer several additional services. These include exclusive direct messaging, weekly live classes, an expansive Mentoring Video Library, full access to both past and ongoing live classes, assistance in creating your own trading strategies, and a review of your most challenging monthly trades. A recent enhancement to the program tries to include live trade recap videos.

Trick Trades - Overview
Trick Trades – Overview

Social Media Presence of Trick Trades

Trick Trades tries to leverage social media platforms effectively to amplify its reach and try fostering a community of like-minded traders. These platforms try to serve as informational hubs, places to share gains and setbacks, and informal alert systems for trades and stock updates.


With around 8,300 subscribers, Trick Trades’ YouTube channel tries to deliver free advice, supplemented by disclaimers, through a range of videos focused on various aspects of day trading.


Their Facebook page, followed by roughly 700 people, tries to act as a community center for those engaged in using Trick Trades services. It features posts of trading performance, news alerts, and free instructional videos by Patrick Mitchell.


On Twitter, Patrick Mitchell frequently posts snapshots of his day-to-day trading results, alerts followers to potential market shifts, and shares pertinent news and updates, making it another valuable resource for aspiring traders.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Trick Trades tries to stand as a testament to Patrick Mitchell’s journey of transformation from an arduous career in oilfield pipeline welding to becoming the driving force behind a reputable day trading education platform. Founded against the backdrop of economic challenges and market shifts, Trick Trades has tried to emerge as a beacon of trading education tailored to Mitchell’s own experiences and insights. Through its crafted Guidance and Mentorship Programs, the company tries to offer traders of all levels the tools, knowledge, and strategies they need to navigate the dynamic world of day trading.

Patrick Mitchell’s dedication and resilience, deeply rooted in his Alberta origins, have tried to lead to the creation of a platform that not only imparts trading wisdom but also tries to foster a supportive community. The social media presence of Trick Trades tries to exemplify this, acting as a hub for learning, sharing, and alerting fellow traders. From YouTube tutorials to interactive Facebook interactions and timely Twitter updates, the company’s digital footprint tries to reflect a commitment to empowering traders with the information they need to succeed.

As Trick Trades continues to evolve and adapt in the ever-changing landscape of trading, its legacy as a provider of insightful education and a community of traders united by a common goal remains steadfast. The journey from pipeline welding to trading education mirrors the transformative potential of perseverance, adaptability, and trying to seize opportunities even in the face of adversity.

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