Trillionaire EA

The Trillionaire EA is a forex trading robot designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This software is programmed to execute trades automatically. The Trillionaire EA tries to generate potential trades over a long period of time. Additionally, this robot is built to minimize drawdown, tries to ensure that any drawdowns are kept to a minimum.

Trillionaire EA Strategy

The Trillionaire EA utilizes a strategy that combines price action analysis with an undisclosed algorithms to identify potential trade entries. The software includes both fixed and intelligent trailing stop losses. The fixed stop loss tries to limit potential drawdowns while the intelligent trailing stop loss tries to enables the robot to capture as much potential trades from each market movement.

The Trillionaire EA is designed to trade the M1 timeframe across all trading sessions. While it may not trade every day, on average it is expected to open over 50 trades per day. By operating on the M1 timeframe, the robot tries to identify and take advantage of short-term market movements to generate potential trades.

Trillionaire EA Features

  • Trillionaire EA is optimized for the M1 timeframe only, as recommended by the developer.
  • The robot is ideally suited for trading the GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs.
  • Trillionaire EA can be used with any broker that supports ECN accounts like IC Markets.

Trillionaire EA Settings

  • TakeProfit                                           10
  • StopLoss                                              10
  • MagicNumber                                    1234571490
  • PipStep                                                6
  • MaxOrders                                          10
  • TrailingStop                                        30
  • TimeToWait                                       12
  • Lots                                                      0.6
  • UseRiskPercent                                  true
  • RiskPercent                                         1.0
  • MaxOrderLot                                     0.0

Trillionaire EA Summary

Overall, the Trillionaire EA utilizes an algorithm and price action analysis which tries to identify potential trades. The software also incorporates fixed and intelligent trailing stop losses as its strategy while executing the trades automatically, without any human intervention. However, it is important to note that the use of the Trillionaire EA comes with no guarantee of profitability and users should exercise caution when using the software. It is recommended to use a demo account to test the software’s effectiveness before trading with real money.

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