True Forex Funds Review

It might be very challenging to get to the point where you can trade full-time because the majority of profitable forex traders make gains of 3-5% on average per month. Although there is a relatively low barrier to entry in forex trading, if you want to take this profession seriously and earn average returns on the market, you will need a significant amount of capital. Prop firms enter the picture here by providing funded accounts to forex traders who receive reliable profits.

A relatively new prop company called True Forex Funds provides forex traders with funded accounts that can range in value from $10,000 to $200,000. Because of the accounts’ excellent trading conditions and 80% profit share, the business is currently listed among our top-rated forex prop firms.

At True Forex Funds, traders are encouraged to advance in their careers. They will never limit your trading technique because you are free to trade at your discretion and hold your positions for as long as you like. All they are concerned with are the loss caps, despite their main objective being to hire reliable traders and pay them a hefty 80% profit split.

Who are True Forex Funds?

Using one of the best forex trading brokers in IC Markets, True Forex Funds, a relatively new prop company established in Hungary, offers motivated but undercapitalized traders up to $400,000 in funding with an 80% profit split.

True Forex Funds provides capital to successful forex traders all over the world. Since the company is entirely online, traders from all over the world have the chance to obtain funding and advance their trading careers.

Despite sponsoring traders all around the world, the company is headquartered in Hungary. I have noticed that there seem to be an increasing number of prop companies emerging from eastern European countries in the next years.

Traders can open funded accounts with True Forex Funds in the range of $10,000 to $200,000, with the potential to scale up to $400,000 for those who are experiencing exceptionally consistent success. The terms and regulations for trading are fairly comparable to those of some of the top prop firms in the world, such FTMO.

True Forex Funds Website
True Forex Funds Website

How does True Forex Funds work?

Traders must successfully complete a 2-Phase Evaluation Program in order to access the funds of the organisation. To do this, you only need to show that you have the necessary talents by meeting their reasonable profit targets. Additionally, because True Forex Funds is looking for bright individuals, they have established a few straightforward trading objectives that traders must adhere to.

The funded accounts range in capital from $10,000 to $200,000 and are available in USD, EUR, or GBP. You will need to pay a fee and complete a two-step challenge in order to really obtain funding from the company. After completing the two-step challenge, you won’t have a profit target and will be free to trade the account. However, you will still need to trade extremely carefully because the account has a maximum drawdown regulation in place.

You must complete the first stage of the challenge by hitting an 8% profit target in 30 trading days without exceeding the daily and cumulative drawdown limits. If you don’t succeed, you won’t be given another chance without paying again. In order to demonstrate that your performance was not an accident, you will need to hit a profit target of 4% on the same demo account within 60 trading days without breaking the drawdown restrictions once more.

You will be reimbursed for the initial cost and issued the details for your live trading account once you have successfully completed both challenges. If you follow the drawdown guidelines, you can trade this account as though it were your own. For your trading efforts, you will receive an 80% profit split every two weeks. You will have to repeat the tasks and pay the first cost if you exceed the maximum withdrawal during this process.

How much does True Forex Funds cost?

True Forex Funds starting cost is about average when it comes to pricing. You will only be charged the initial price when accepting a challenge; there is no ongoing monthly fee to maintain your funding account. Even if you aren’t the most consistent trader yet, the cost of opening a $10,000 trading account is only €89, which is really reasonable. Trading with a funded account challenge forces you to build solid trading habits, which is typically great for your progress as a trader.

A $200,000 trading account challenge will cost you €998 if you are an experienced trader who wants to start with more capital. Although it may appear expensive, given the amount of funds you get to trade with, a successful trader who averages a 5% return in their first month of trading will be able to quickly refund the initial charge within month 1. It only impacts traders who are failing challenges because the fee is also reimbursed after you succeed in the task.

True Forex Funds Scalping Plan

Unlike some other prop companies, True Forex Funds does not yet have a scaling programme. Multiple funded account challenges may be purchased and thus each trader’s total capital allowance is set at $400,000. The biggest account you can trade with is $200,000, so you could have two of the biggest accounts open at once.

A capital scaling programme being added in the near future would be excellent. Since the business is so new, I’m thinking that this will be added as financing need rises and more successful traders start generating percentage gains for the company each month.

What make True Forex Funds different?

Because True Forex Funds never regulates your trading style, it differs from the majority of the main prop firms in the industry. For instance, weekend position holding is one of the permitted styles.

True Forex Funds, in comparison to other prop firms, also provides a high leverage of 1:100 and a very modest profit target of 8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2. Comparing that to FTMO, which similarly has a two-phase evaluation process with 10% profit target for phase 1 and 5% profit target for phase 2.

The Evaluation Process also doesn’t require a minimum number of trading days, which allows it to be finished much faster than at other prop businesses. For instance, My Forex Funds has a 5 minimum trading day evaluation process, while FTMO has a 10 minimum trading day evaluation process for each phase.

Payouts are offered every 14 days with a high-profit split of 80%, which is another distinction from other prop firms.

In summary, there are many alternative ways to obtain funding from True Forex Funds because they never control your trading style as long as you don’t go over their loss limits.

Can I get a funded trading account?

It’s crucial to consider how realistic the trading requirements are when choosing the prop firms that are appropriate for you and your forex trading style. For instance, it sounds fantastic when a prop firm offers a high percent profit split on a heavily funded account, but your odds of success drop to almost nothing if they anticipate high percent profits each month and low percent maximum drawdowns.

After taking everything into account, True Forex Funds is a potentially good option for funding. This is because you must successfully complete a two-phase evaluation process.

Since the profit target in Phase 1 is 8% and in Phase 2 is just 4% with a drawdown of 5% daily and 10% altogether, the evaluation process’ rules are realistic. The fact that weekend and overnight holding are permitted is excellent for day traders and swing traders seeking funds up to $400,000 in both cases.

Conclusion: is True Forex Funds a good prop trading firm?

In conclusion, True Forex Funds is reputable and gives traders a legal opportunity to add to their trading money. The product is robust, the price is reasonable, and I firmly believe that the business will prosper over the next few years.

The business is, however, a relative newcomer to the sector. You must be able to trust brokers or prop companies and be certain that you will receive the payment you are entitled to. Until True Forex Funds have been there for a few more months, there are plenty of other companies with much larger track records that offer a more well-known alternative.

True Forex Funds









  • Free trial available to give it a try
  • Flexible leverage up to 1:100
  • Profit share up to 80%
  • Weekend positions allowed
  • No restrictions on your trading style
  • Bi-weekly payouts
  • Funding up to $400,000


  • Has not been around as long as some over prop firms
  • Limited choice of trading platforms
  • Not as much funding as competitors
  • Lack of scaling programs