Turbo Trend Indicator

The Turbo Trend Trading System uses a variety of forex trend indicators and develops a system that is incredibly effective at identifying trend trajectories and suitable entry points for trades. Two different kinds of MA crossover signals are provided by this method. The chart’s exponential moving averages show clear crosses. The arrow signs that you see around the candlesticks, on the other hand, are simple moving average crossover signals.

Additionally, it features the trend oscillators MACD and Flat Trend V2. When they both simultaneously signal the same trend direction, we will consider that indication to be a trend signal. The system also uses the Woodie CCI momentum indicator, which is highly effective and can help serve as an additional trend filter.

What is the Turbo Trend Indicator?

The Turbo Trend is a trading system based on MACD, Flat Trend, woodie CCI indicators. The Turbo Trend is a popular system among forex traders for its simplicity and effectiveness in identifying trends and making trade decisions.

  • It is suitable for both long-term and short-term trading, and can be used on any time frame.
  • It provides clear buy and sell signals, making it suitable for traders who prefer a more mechanical approach to trading
  • It is a versatile tool that can be used with other indicators or strategies to enhance trading performance
Turbo Trend Indicator
Turbo Trend Indicator

Turbo Trend Strategy

The crossover signal arrow and 5 EMA must move above the 8 EMA to indicate a long trade. The MACD must then have a positive value, and the Flat Trend bars must concurrently become green. The Woodie CCI value should be confirmed long when it rises above 100.

Both EMA and Crossover Arrow must plot a bearish trend-reversal signal before predicting a short entry. As additional evidence of a bearish market trend during this time, the MACD turns negative and the Flat Trend bars turn red. Go short once these indications have been confirmed when the Woodies CCI falls under -100.

Buy Signal

  • MA Crossover upwards
  • MACD>0
  • Flat trend (green)
  • Woodie CCI >0

Sell Signal

  • MA Crossover downwards
  • MACD<0
  • Flat trend (red)
  • Woodie CCI <0

Turbo Trend Indicator Pros & Cons

The Turbo Trend Indicator is a useful resource for traders who want to create their own trading system. It offers assistance in identifying trends and making trade decisions, as well as providing a set of clear guidelines to follow. By using the Turbo Trend Indicator in conjunction with other indicators or strategies, traders can develop a system that is customized to their preferred trading style and objectives.


  • It is easy to use and interpret.
  • It provides clear buy and sell signals.
  • It can be used on any time frame and with other indicators or strategies.


  • It may produce false signals in range-bound or choppy markets.
  • It may lag behind the market, leading to missed opportunities or late entries.
  • It may not be suitable for traders who prefer a more discretionary approach to trading.


The Turbo Trend Indicator is a trend-following strategy that is well-regarded among forex traders due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It utilizes several technical indicators, such as the moving average crossover, MACD, and Woodies CCI, to make predictions about future price movements. This indicator generates clear buy and sell signals and can be applied to any time frame, making it suitable for traders with various time horizons. While it has its advantages and disadvantages, the Turbo Trend Indicator can be a helpful tool for traders seeking to build their own trading system.

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