Ultra Blue Forex Review

Ultra Blue Forex is a comprehensive trading system developed by Russ Horn that aims to provide traders with a diverse range of tools and resources to enhance their forex trading experience. This all-in-one solution offers a collection of trading systems, an auto-installer for easy setup, video tutorials for learning, a lot size calculator for risk management, trade reviews for analysis, and ongoing updates for continuous improvement. Ultra Blue Forex is designed to assist traders in their journey by providing them with a robust framework and educational materials to navigate the dynamic forex market effectively. In this review, we will explore the various features and components of Ultra Blue Forex, examining its potential benefits for traders in the forex market.

Ultra Blue Forex Modules

Ultra Blue Forex Review
Ultra Blue Forex Review
  1. Forex Redeemer:
  • Consists of 6 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  • Designed to be a comprehensive trading system using the best components of Ultra Blue
  • Focused on building trading accounts effectively
  1. Deep Blue System:
  • Includes 6 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  • Offers a systematic approach to trading with clear guidelines
  • Emphasizes the use of the RSI indicator as a signal generator
  • Provides a structured strategy for identifying market opportunities
  1. Light Blue System:
  • Comprises 16 Training Videos & PDF Manual
  • Offers a wide range of trading strategies and methods
  • Provides traders with versatility and the ability to explore various approaches
  • Focuses on trendlines, engulfing patterns, and inside day trading techniques

Features of Ultra Blue Forex

  1. Auto-installer

The auto-installer feature of Ultra Blue Forex simplifies the initial setup process for traders. It automates the installation of indicators, setting up candle colors, and even provides bonus templates and surprise indicators (SRT and TRS). This time-saving feature enhances convenience and accessibility for traders, allowing them to quickly get started without the hassle of manual configuration.

  1. Ultra Blue systems

The Ultra Blue system in Ultra Blue Forex is a collection of simple and effective trading systems. It offers traders a range of versatile trading strategies to explore and utilize. With these systems, traders have the flexibility to mix and match different approaches or create their own hybrid strategies. The Ultra Blue system empowers traders to unleash their creativity and adaptability, enabling them to find a trading style that suits their preferences and objectives.

  1. Bonus Ultra Blue systems

In addition to the core Ultra Blue systems, Ultra Blue Forex offers bonus systems that provide traders with additional trading methods and valuable information. These bonus systems expand the range of trading possibilities and strategies available to users, further diversifying their approach to the market. With these bonus systems, traders can explore new techniques and approaches, enhancing their trading knowledge and skills. This additional content adds depth and variety to the Ultra Blue Forex program, allowing traders to expand their trading repertoire and potentially uncover new opportunities for trade optimization.

  1. Video tutorials

Ultra Blue Forex provides an extensive library of video tutorials that cover various aspects of the trading system. These video tutorials offer comprehensive guidance and instruction to users, ensuring that they have a clear understanding of how to effectively utilize Ultra Blue Forex. The tutorials cover topics such as system usage, trading techniques, and strategy implementation, providing step-by-step demonstrations and explanations. The constantly updated and regularly posted educational videos ensure that traders have access to the latest information and insights. By offering visual and practical guidance, Ultra Blue Forex aims to empower traders with the knowledge and confidence to make informed trading decisions.

  1. Lot Size calculator

The lot size calculator is a valuable tool provided by Ultra Blue Forex to assist traders in managing their risk and position sizing. By inputting the desired risk percentage, the lot size calculator determines the appropriate position size for each trade. This calculator helps traders maintain consistency in their risk management strategy, ensuring that they allocate an appropriate portion of their trading capital to each trade based on their desired risk level. With these lot size calculations, traders can optimize their risk-reward ratio and effectively control their exposure in the market.

  1. Trade reviews

Trade reviews are an essential component of the Ultra Blue Forex system, offering valuable insights into past trades. These reviews involve analyzing different trade types that have occurred, providing traders with a comprehensive understanding of the outcomes and lessons learned. By examining both successful and unsuccessful trades, trade reviews offer a balanced perspective on the effectiveness of trading decisions and strategies. Traders can gain valuable knowledge from the analysis of each trade, identifying strengths to replicate and areas for improvement. This feedback-driven approach helps traders refine their trading techniques, adapt their strategies, and make more informed decisions in future trades.

  1. Trade setups

Ultra Blue Forex offers a variety of trade setups, focusing on longer-term 1-hour and 4-hour Redeemer setups. These setups provide traders with ample opportunities to enter the market and capitalize on favorable price movements. By aligning trades with prevailing market trends, Ultra Blue Forex helps traders identify potential entry points and maximize their trading opportunities. The availability of regular trade setups ensures a consistent flow of trading opportunities, allowing traders to grow their accounts and maintain a disciplined approach to trading.

  1. Regular updates

Regular updates are a key feature of Ultra Blue Forex, ensuring that traders have access to the latest advancements and improvements in the system. The Ultra Blue team continuously works on enhancing the system and developing new trading methods that traders can take advantage of. These updates provide valuable insights, additional trading strategies, and potential optimizations to enhance trading performance.


Ultra Blue Forex is available at a price of approximately $14.99. This affordable pricing makes it accessible to a wide range of traders, allowing them to benefit from the comprehensive features and resources offered by the system without breaking the bank. With its competitive pricing, Ultra Blue Forex aims to provide traders with value for their investment, ensuring that they can access a robust trading system at an affordable cost.

Ultra Blue Forex Review Pros & Cons


  • Versatile collection of trading systems for adaptable strategies.
  • Auto-installer feature simplifies setup process.
  • Bonus systems and ongoing updates for continuous improvement.
  • Video tutorials and education resources enhance learning.
  • Lot size calculator aids in risk management and position sizing.
  • Trade reviews provide valuable insights for learning and improvement.
  • Competitive pricing for accessibility to traders.


  • Potential learning curve due to the abundance of trading systems.
  • Time commitment required for comprehending video tutorials and educational resources.
  • Effectiveness may vary based on individual trading styles and market conditions.
  • Analysis of trade reviews may demand additional time and effort.
  • Concerns about level of support and customer service due to affordable pricing.


In conclusion, Ultra Blue Forex offers a comprehensive set of trading systems and resources aimed at empowering traders in the forex market. With its versatile collection of trading systems, including the auto-installer feature and bonus systems, traders have the flexibility to explore various strategies. The platform’s video tutorials, ongoing education, and trade reviews contribute to continuous learning and improvement. However, traders should be mindful of the potential learning curve, time commitment, and the need for individual adaptation. By exercising caution and utilizing the system as part of a broader trading approach, traders can potentially capitalize on the Ultra Blue Forex’s features and enhance their trading outcomes.

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