Ultron Lite EA

The ULTRON LITE EA is an Expert Advisor designed for day trading purposes, which utilizes four Moving Averages (MAs) with distinct periods as its primary trading indicators. However, what sets ULTRON LITE EA apart from other Expert Advisors is its use of a trading strategy called Anti Martingale. Unlike the well-known Martingale strategy, which calls for increasing the position size after a losing trade, Anti Martingale is a strategy that emphasizes increasing the position size after a winning trade, hence the name “Anti” Martingale.

Ultron Lite EA Strategy

The ULTRON LITE EA employs a strategy that tries to minimize drawdowns. One of the critical components of this strategy is the use of stop-loss and take-profit orders for each trade, which tries to ensure that the EA exits the market when the predetermined target levels are reached. Additionally, ULTRON LITE EA uses a trailing stop-loss feature that gives room for the trade to continue in the desired direction.

Moreover, the EA primarily trades during the overlap between the New York and London sessions. Hence, it is crucial to configure the time settings according to the broker’s time zone to try to ensure trading activity. By concentrating on the high liquidity periods, ULTRON LITE EA tries to take advantage of the increased trading volume.

Ultron Lite EA Features

  • ULTRON LITE EA is optimized for trading GBPUSD, but it can also work well with other GBP pairs according to the developer.
  • The EA is designed to work on the H1 timeframe only, according to the developer.
  • The EA requires a minimum account balance of $25. However, it can still function with a $10 account balance, as mentioned by the developer.
  • Accurate time configuration is essential for the EA’s optimal performance. Traders need to set their broker time settings to match the London to New York session to ensure accurate trading activity.

Ultron Lite EA Settings

  • ——Recommended——                                   >>>>>>>>>> GBPUSD, H1 <<<<<<<<<<
  • —— Input Section 1 ——                                 >>>>>>>>>> Magic Number <<<<<<<<<<
  • MAGICMA                                                             20131111
  • —— Input Section 2 —–                                  >>>>>>>>>> TP, SL, Slippage <<<<<<<<<<
  • TP (0-Off)                                                              100
  • SL                                                                            70
  • Slippage                                                                 2
  • —— Input Section 3 ——                                 >>>>>>>>>> Trading Hours <<<<<<<<<<
  • OpenHour                                                             8
  • CloseHour                                                             23
  • ——Input Section4—–                                       >>>>>>>>>> Risk Ratio <<<<<<<<<<
  • Use Risk Ratio                                                        true
  • Risk Ratio                                                                8.0
  • Lots                                                                          0.01
  • ——Input Section 5——                                     >>>>>>>>>> TrailingStop <<<<<<<<<<
  • Trailing                                                                     true
  • Tralling_from_Profit                                             false
  • TrailingStop                                                             23
  • TrailingStep                                                             2
  • UseSound                                                                false
  • NameFileSound                                                      expert.wav
  • ExponentialFactorIncrease                                  1.1
  • ExponentialFactorDecrease                                0.9
  • ——Display_Section——                                       >>>>>>>>>> Display Info <<<<<<<<<<
  • DisplayX                                                                      50
  • DisplayY                                                                      50
  • fontSise                                                                       8
  • fontName                                                                   Courier New
  • colorText                                                                    White
  • colorLogo                                                                   Gold
  • bgcolour                                                                     64.64.84
  • bgXsize                                                                        365
  • bgYsize                                                                        530
  • DisplayInfo                                                                 true

Ultron Lite EA Summary

Overall, the ULTRON LITE EA is a day-trading Expert Advisor utilizes Anti Martingale trading strategy and tries to minimize drawdowns, with the use of stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing stop-loss orders for each trade. Additionally it primarily trades during the overlap day sessions, where it tries to taking advantage of the market volatility.

However, traders should note that there is no guarantee of profitability with any Expert Advisor, including ULTRON LITE EA. It is essential to test the EA thoroughly using a demo account before deploying it on a live trading account.

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