Unusual Whales Review

Unusual Whales delivers alerts for large stock and unusual options flow movements. They aim to provide multifaceted financial tools that levels the playing field and empowers the average retail trader or investor. Unusual Whales has grown to become a controversial yet valuable source for traders to follow activity in the market including short sellers, unusual options activity and even tracking the trades of important public figures. In this Unusual Whales Review, we will look at what it is and how it works. Whilst you should do your own due diligence, hopefully this will help you to decide if it is something that you would like to include within your day to day trading activity. That being said, let’s get right into it!

What are Unusual Whales?

In the beginning, the concept was quite simple: Unusual Whales, who asked to remain anonymous, would post large, out-of-the-ordinary ‘whale trades’, in which a trader would place a particularly large trade, most of the time options contracts. A whale is often considered to be an investor who owns a large percentage of a company’s shares and has had this ownership for over 12 months.

Unusual Whales Platform
Unusual Whales Platform

A whale can be any individual or company who has enough money and power to directly influence the price of a particular trading instrument which can be anything from a forex currency pair, cryptocurrency or individual stock. Think of a whale and their large mass. They can make huge splashes and the same concept can be applied to the financial markets.

How does Unusual Whales work?

Founded in June 2020, Unusual Whales was created to provide more information to traders. With the Unusual Whales signal alert service, you will be able to track big movements as they happen and follow the flow. You can get alerts when there is unusual options activity and they provide tools to inspect these alerts. There is a discord community of users who understand options and share ideas whereas the developer actively listens to feedback on various ways in which they can make further improvements to the tool.

Unusual Whales offer full options flow and historical flow data for the entire US stock exchange: every transaction for every ticker, complete with a variety of tools to gauge market sentiment. You can get a good idea of the direction the flow is going before taking any trades.

Unusual Whales Features

Now you should have an understanding of what Unusual Whales does, here we will look at some of the key features:

Unusual Alerts

You can get alerts when there are large option flow changes, sent via notifications directly to your mobile phone. If you have a mobile trading platform that allows options trading, you could in theory do everything form anywhere and anytime.

Options Flow Tool

Get real time information on options flow that is clear and easy to interpret, with everything you need to know about the transaction. Customizable filters give you more focused and centred flow readings.

Unusual Whales Options Flow Tool
Unusual Whales Options Flow Tool

Dark Pools

Users can see everything that is happening in the options and dark pool world. Get dark pool transaction information, with filters to let you search for individual securities. In finance, a dark pool is a private forum for trading securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments. Liquidity on these markets is called dark pool liquidity.

Unusual Whales Dark Pools
Unusual Whales Dark Pools

Real-time News Flow

Get in-depth real time news that is conveniently tagged and categorized, including earnings news, analysts’ upgrades/downgrades, insider buys/sells and more.

Unusual Whales Real-time News Flow
Unusual Whales Real-time News Flow

Unusual Whales Alert Feed

There is the Unusual Alert feed, from which you can set customizable push notification settings that will allow you to focus your attention on specific alert variables and parameters.

Unusual Whales Alert Feed
Unusual Whales Alert Feed

Breakdowns & Market Research

Options traders often refer to the delta, gamma, vega, and theta of their option positions. Collectively, these terms are known as the Greeks, and they provide a way to measure the sensitivity of an option’s price to quantifiable factors. You can check all of the greeks, details, all with original research and reports.

Congress & Unusual Trades

Believe it or not, Unusual Whales has caused some controversy as you can see what politicians are trading, their performance and even the conflicts of interest.


Users can view whale analytics, options profit calculators, all historically to make their own informed decisions.

Twitter Bot

There is an Unusual Whales Twitter feed which is free but delayed.

Earnings Insights

Check what whales are upcoming for earnings and plan ahead. Investors can use a company’s earnings report to gain insight into how well a company is run and whether the company is performing well.

Stock Alerts

Get all the stock movements and unusual flows that are occurring on all of your favourite stocks.

How much does Unusual Whales cost?

It cost $32 per month or $384 per year to get full access to Unusual Whales and all of the unique whale tools that they have to offer. Paying also gives you access to the Discord community which some users say is worth the price alone. If you are on the free tier, the app is just the public tweets without any additional information.

Unusual Whales Conclusion

Unusual Whales is a service that helps to surface unusual options activity. That doesn’t mean that you should trade on every option that it finds which would probably be a silly thing to do. This is not a magical trading tool that guarantees profitable trades. It is simple useful for discovering potential whale trades, that’s it.

I think it could be good for catching insider information or just pinpointing unusual activity without needing to scour various sources yourself. What I would consider doing is using Unusual Whales for the options alerts, and if there is a signal that looks worth exploring in more detail, I would then take a closer look using my own market analysis including various bearish/bullish indicators. This would give additional confirmation before deciding to take a trade or not. Basically to be more selective in following a trade and understand the logic behind it.

As with all options trading, you are betting on the future which nobody can predict with complete uncertainty. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you understand the risks involved and never trade with more than you can afford to lose.

Unusual Whales









  • Unusual Whale Alerts
  • Options Flow Tool
  • Dark Pools
  • Real-time News Flow
  • Unusual Whales Alert Feed
  • Breakdowns & Market Research
  • Earnings Insights
  • Twitter Bot
  • Discord Community
  • Stock Alerts


  • No free trial of paid plans
  • Options profit calculator cannot automatically optimize trades
  • Requires some user initiative
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