Venzo EA

The Venzo EA is a forex trading robot that utilizes algorithms and strategies to automatically execute trades on your behalf. Developed by a team of experienced traders and programmers, this tool is designed to adapt to changing market conditions and provide trading results. With a wide range of features and settings, the Venzo EA is customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your trading style and risk tolerance.

In this comprehensive review, we will dive deep into the features, settings, and performance of the Venzo EA to help you make an informed decision on whether it’s the right trading robot for you.

Venzo EA Strategy

Venzo EA is an algorithmic trading system that operates based on a breakout strategy of the main price channel in the EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs, specifically on the M15 timeframe. One notable feature of Venzo EA is that it does not utilize grid or martingale strategies, which may be appealing to traders who prefer a more conservative approach.

Venzo EA
Venzo EA

The EA employs a mechanism of dividing a pending order into multiple parts, up to 10 parts, which helps reduce slippage, a common issue in fast-moving markets. Additionally, the system is designed to constantly monitor market volatility.

Venzo EA is active during specific trading hours, from 01:00 am to 21:00 pm, which provides ample trading time throughout the day. The system also includes fiat protection, which helps to avoid trading during periods of low volatility or when the market is ranging, thus reducing potential losses.

Venzo EA Activity
Venzo EA Activity

Furthermore, Venzo EA is an open algorithm, allowing traders to customize settings for other currency pairs if desired. However, it is important to note that the EA may be sensitive to spread and slippage, and it is recommended to use a reliable ECN/RAW broker to minimize these risks.

However, like any other EA, it also comes with weaknesses. One of which is its reliance on the breakout strategy of the main price channel. Breakout strategies can be vulnerable to false breakouts or whipsaw movements, where the price briefly moves beyond a support or resistance level but then reverses back, resulting in false signals and potential losses. While Venzo EA may have built-in mechanisms to avoid mean reversion during weak market periods, it may still be susceptible to false breakouts, especially in highly volatile or erratic markets.

Before using Venzo EA in a real trading account, it is highly recommended to conduct thorough testing and optimization in a demo account for at least a week to familiarize oneself with the EA’s functionality and performance. It is crucial to understand how the robot works and its risk management features to effectively manage trades in a live trading environment.

Venzo EA Features

  • Breakout strategy based on the main price channel
  • Division of pending orders into multiple parts to reduce slippage
  • Built-in fiat protection to minimize losses during market consolidations
  • Fixed stop loss (SL) for each trade
  • Active trading hours from 01:00 am to 21:00 pm, providing extended trading opportunities
  • Protection against slippage spreads, and unfavorable broker conditions
  • Open algorithm that allows customization for other currency pairs
  • Support for EURUSD and USDJPY currency pairs on the M15 timeframe
  • Adaptive lot size calculation for efficient risk management
  • High-spread protections to minimize the impact of wide spreads
  • Calibration for brokers with large spreads to prevent catching pending orders
  • Option to use with a VPS for 24/7 trading
  • Market volatility monitoring to avoid mean reversion during weak market periods

Venzo EA Settings

  • GREEDY BROKER DEFENCE: Protection from a greedy broker, adapt to any broker (disable if you believe in your broker)
  • RISK % 0=FIXED: Risk parameter, Risk=0 if you want to use a fixed risk
  • YOUR COMMENTS FOR DEALS: Comments on your deals
  • VIRTUALIZATION: Activates virtual trailing and profit tracking
  • SPREAD DEFENCE: Protection against a large spread
  • DIVISION OF DEAL: Activates division of a pending order into parts, reducing slippage
  • DEALS DIVISION PARTS: Number of parts for order division
  • ONE DEAL PER HOUR: One trade per hour, determines the frequency of trades
  • GAPS CHANNEL DEFENCE: Protection against bad gaps in the market, allows skipping of market gaps if they are at levels
  • REAL-TIME CORRELATION: Real-time channel correlation, depends on market volatility and spreads
  • FIXED TAKE PROFIT: Fixed maximum TP
  • ENABLE [BUY/SELL] DEALS: Allows activation of deals in one direction only
  • DEPTH: Settlement depth for BUY/SELL deals
  • ORDER SHIFT: Order shift, required for finer tuning
  • TRAILING STOP: Distance from price
  • VOLTIC FILTER: Market volatility filter, restricts trading if market is too calm
  • MAX SPREAD: Maximum allowable spread on the market
  • MAX SLIPPAGE: Maximum slippage
  • AUTO GMT: Automatic calculation of GMT broker
  • START/STOP MONDAY/FRIDAY: Determines start and end time of the system
  • MANUAL GMT: Manual setting of GMT, required for brokers with specific GMT
  • USE NEWS FILTER: Activates news filter (optional)
  • VISUAL PANEL: Visualization display
  • FIXED LOT: Fixed lot
  • MAGIC: Magic number (unique)
  • MAX % DD DEFENCE: Maximum drawdown protection
  • BAD GAPS: List of gaps in the market
  • STOP CHRISTMAS DAYS: Restricts trading before Christmas and after New Year.

Venzo EA Summary

The Venzo EA is a forex trading robot that offers advanced features and customization options for traders looking to optimize their trading performance. Its strengths include protection against greedy brokers, risk management settings, spread defense, order division capabilities, real-time correlation, and fixed take profit and stop loss levels.

However, like any trading tool, the Venzo EA has limitations, including the potential for drawdown and losses, and has weaknesses related to potential false breakouts, challenges with adaptive lot size calculation and margin requirements, sensitivity to spread and slippage, and limited applicability to specific currency pairs and timeframes.

It’s suitable for experienced traders who are looking for a tool to automate their trading strategy and have a good understanding of risk management principles. It’s important to note that there are no guarantees with the Venzo EA, and traders should carefully evaluate its features and performance before deciding to use it in their trading activities.

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