VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra is a trading panel that claims to streamline trading operations and improve efficiency for traders. Efficient trading operations are vital for quick and convenient trade execution, and VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra aims to simplify trading processes and enhance efficiency.

Trading Panel for one-click trading

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra
VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra offers a powerful trading panel specifically designed for one-click trading, revolutionizing the speed and convenience of executing trades. With just a single click, traders can enter or exit positions directly from the chart, eliminating the need for multiple steps and saving valuable time. This feature is particularly beneficial for traders who aim to capitalize on quick market movements or time-sensitive trading opportunities. The one-click trading functionality of VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra is designed to enhance efficiency and responsiveness. By reducing the number of manual inputs and simplifying the trading process, traders can execute trades with remarkable speed. Whether trading from the chart or utilizing keyboard commands, the trading panel ensures seamless and swift order execution.

Furthermore, the trading panel’s intuitive interface makes it easy for traders to navigate and access essential trading functions. It focuses on the most important features, eliminating unnecessary complexities and providing a user-friendly trading experience. Traders, regardless of their skill level, can quickly adapt to the trading panel and leverage its capabilities to enhance their trading performance.

Graphic tips and comprehensive trade information on the chart

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra provides graphic tips and comprehensive trade information directly on the chart. Traders can benefit from visual cues and detailed information regarding their trade deals. This feature allows for better trade analysis and decision-making by providing insights into trade performance, entry and exit points, and other relevant trade data. With graphical tips and comprehensive trade information, traders can make more informed trading decisions and effectively manage their trades.

Versatile trading functionalities

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra offers a comprehensive suite of versatile trading functionality, empowering traders with a wide range of options to optimize their trading strategies. Traders can seamlessly execute various operations such as opening and closing positions, reversing and locking positions to capitalize on market movements, and performing partial closings for effective risk management. The autolot feature enables traders to dynamically adjust their position sizes based on predefined criteria, enhancing position sizing precision. Additionally, the platform allows traders to set virtual or real stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop levels, providing advanced risk management capabilities. Moreover, the grid of orders feature facilitates the implementation of complex trading strategies, enabling traders to create customized order structures tailored to their specific trading objectives. With its versatile trading functionality, VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra empowers traders to adapt to different market scenarios, execute diverse trading approaches, and ultimately enhance their trading performance.

Automatic calculations for trader convenience

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra includes automatic calculations, enhancing convenience for traders. This feature automatically calculates important parameters and functions, simplifying trading activities. Traders can save time and effort by relying on the platform to perform calculations such as position sizing, risk management, and profit targets. The automatic calculations provided by VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra help traders make informed trading decisions quickly and efficiently, improving overall trading convenience.

Trading Control Panel

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra features a user-friendly and intuitive trading control panel that facilitates efficient trade execution. With this panel, traders have access to a comprehensive set of main request options, including buy, sell, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, close, delete, modify, trailing stop, stoploss, and takeprofit. Additionally, the panel offers advanced functions such as the ability to reverse and lock positions, perform partial closing, utilize autolot, and set virtual or real stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, breakeven, and grid of orders. These extensive features empower traders to have precise control over their trades and optimize their trading strategies with ease.

VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra Pros & Cons


  • Compatibility with any account type and broker.
  • User-friendly interface that requires no specific skills.
  • Focus on essential trading functions.
  • Quick response to commands.
  • Option to trade using the keyboard or buttons on the chart.


  • Limited customization options.
  • Potential learning curve for new users.
  • Lack of multi-language support.
  • Reliance on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.
  • Possible stability and compatibility issues.


VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra offers traders a powerful tool for enhancing trading efficiency. With its streamlined trading operations, faster execution on the chart, automatic calculations, graphic tips, and versatile trading functionalities, it aims to simplify the trading process and improve overall efficiency. The platform’s compatibility, user-friendly interface, and quick response to commands are notable advantages. While there may be some limitations, such as limited customization options and potential learning curve for new users, VirtualTradePad MT4 Extra remains a valuable resource for traders looking to optimize their trading activities. It is recommended to thoroughly explore and test the platform to determine its suitability for individual trading needs.

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