Vold Fast Scalping EA Review

Vold Fast Scalping EA Review
Vold Fast Scalping EA Review

The Vold Fast Scalping EA is an automated trading solution designed for rapid scalping in the forex market. Available for free download, this revolutionary EA has garnered attention for its purported effectiveness and advanced trading algorithms.

In this comprehensive review, the traders will delve deep into the claims made by the developers of Vold Fast Scalping EA. Trying to be “the best robot of the present time,” it boasts of employing intricate trading algorithms and sensitive strategies for order detection. However, amidst the allure of its advanced features, a critical examination reveals discrepancies in these assertions.

Practical Features Over Grand Claims

  • Contrary to extravagant assertions, Vold EA’s true value lies in its practical attributes.
  • Embraces fixed target level on every trade, a cornerstone of effective risk management.
  • Eschews high-risk strategies like martingale and hedging, trying to execute potential and minimizing substantial drawdowns.

Streamlined Trading Approach

  • Operates on a one-trade-at-a-time model, mitigating exposure to market volatility.
  • Simplifies trading process, enhancing user-friendliness, particularly beneficial for novice traders.

Conditional Potential and Risks

  • Developers tout Vold EA’s potential for generating trading opportunities with minimal drawdown.
  • However, achieving these results hinges on specific trading conditions, including low spreads, minimal slippage, and swift execution.
  • Transaction costs play a pivotal role in generating potential trades, emphasizing the importance of trading with a low spread and commission broker.

Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Maintain a minimum account balance of $100 to optimize Vold EA’s performance.
  • Currency pairs like US30 and EURUSD across all timeframes demonstrate optimal results.
  • Deploy Vold Fast Scalping EA on a reliable forex VPS with low latency to ensure uninterrupted operation and stable results.
  • Opt for brokers offering low spread, minimal slippage, and swift execution to minimize trading costs.

Strategic Trading Timeframe

  • Vold EA operates between 16:30 and 18:00 London time, capitalizing on optimal market conditions.
  • This timeframe aligns with the latter stages of the London Session and New York session, characterized by
  • heightened volatility and increased transaction volumes.
  • However, operational hours are limited, necessitating traders’ awareness of its non-continuous trading nature.

Adjustments for Optimal Performance

  • Traders must adjust Vold EA parameters for brokers operating on server times divergent from GMT +1.
  • Failure to do so may compromise performance and potential trading opportunities, underscoring the importance of adaptability.

Vold Fast Scalping EA Pros & Cons


  • Risk Management Emphasis: Vold Fast Scalping EA prioritizes risk management with fixed target level on every trade, trying to execute potential trades while trying to mitigate significant drawdowns.
  • Simplified Trading: With a one-trade-at-a-time model, Vold EA simplifies the trading process, making it more accessible, especially for novice traders.
  • Practical Features: It avoids high-risk strategies like martingale and hedging, focusing on practical features that enhance stability.
  • Strategic Trading Timeframe: Operating during specific hours, Vold EA aims to capitalize on high volatility periods, trying to maximize potential trading opportunities during peak market activity.


  • Dependence on External Factors: Vold Fast Scalping EA’s performance is heavily dependent on external factors such as broker conditions, latency, and execution speed, which may vary and impact the generation of potential trading opportunities.
  • Limited Operational Hours: Vold EA operates within a specific time window, restricting its ability to capitalize on potential opportunities outside these hours, limiting its flexibility for round-the-clock trading.
  • Complexity in Adjustments: Traders may face challenges in adjusting Vold EA parameters for brokers with server times differing from GMT +1, potentially affecting its performance if not configured correctly.
  • No Guarantee of Success: Despite advanced features, Vold Fast Scalping EA’s performance is not guaranteed and may vary based on market conditions, trading environment, and individual trader strategies.

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic world of forex trading, Vold Fast Scalping EA tries to emerge as a tool, offering a blend of practical features and generating potential trading opportunities. While its emphasis on risk management and simplified trading process are commendable, traders must navigate through its conditional potential and limitations.

Optimizing Vold EA’s performance requires a nuanced understanding of market conditions, different forex broker dynamics, and strategic adjustments. By leveraging its strengths while mitigating risks, traders may try to harness the power of Vold Fast Scalping EA to navigate the complexities of the forex market.

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