Winner FX TSR V7 EA

The Winner FX TSR V7 EA is an automated forex trading system that utilizes advanced technical analysis tools such as the Fibonacci 36 percentage, moving average, and built-in trailing stop. This EA is designed to streamline trading by employing an algorithmic formula that takes into account various market indicators and trends. By utilizing these tools, Winner FX TSR V7 EA tries to identify maximum potential trades, allowing traders to make informed trading decisions.

Winner FX TSR V7 EA

The Winner FX TSR V7 EA implements a trading strategy that leverages the built-in stop trailing function to tries to ensure that trades are closed in accordance with long-term calculations. This approach helps to minimize risk with feature of its flexibility, as it can be used on accounts of any size by simply adjusting the lot sizes. This means that traders can tailor their trading strategy to their individual preferences and risk tolerance.

Winner FX TSR V7 EA Features

  • Winner FX TSR V7 EA is optimized for forex trading accounts with a minimum balance of $500-$1000, according to the developer.
  • It can be used with any currency pair, although it is most effective with EURUSD, GBPUSD, and AUDUSD.
  • This EA can be utilized on any timeframe, but it performs best on the 4-hour timeframe.
  • For optimal results, Winner FX TSR V7 EA is recommended to be used on low spread ECN accounts.
  • The lot sizes of trades can be adjusted according to account size, making the EA suitable for traders of all levels.
  • This EA is available free of charge, making it an accessible and cost-effective trading solution.

Winner FX TSR V7 EA Settings

  • INFO                                                                    WINNER-FX TSR V 7.0
  • Expert_License_To                                          == TEST ==
  • INFOALL                                                             ===== Important Info =====
  • Info1                                                                   Default EURUSD TF4H
  • Info2                                                                   Default USD 200 Lot 0.01
  • Info3                                                                   Default Cents 20000 Lot 0.10
  • TimeFilter                                                           ===== TimeFilter =====
  • StartHour                                                           0
  • StopHour                                                            24
  • Info4                                                                   Lot Mode = 1 -> Compound; Mode = 2 -> Fix Lot)
  • Lot_mode                                                          2
  • Info5                                                                   CompoundLOT=Balance/Manage_Lot
  • Manage_Lot                                                      20000.0
  • Fix_lot                                                                 0.01
  • Magic                                                                  9697840
  • Range                                                                 21.0
  • Level Max                                                          12
  • Info6                                                                   MM
  • DiMarti                                                               1.7
  • TPSET                                                                  ===== TPSET =====
  • Tp_In_money                                                    false
  • Tp_in_money                                                    7.0
  • TrailSettings                                                      ===== TrailingSettings =====
  • Dtrailing                                                             true
  • StartTrail                                                            10
  • Trailing                                                               7
  • StochSettings                                                    ===== StochSettings =====
  • lo_level                                                               25
  • up_level                                                              75
  • MASettings                                                        ===== MASettings =====
  • maPereode                                                        20

Winner FX TSR V7 EA Summary

Overall, the Winner FX TSR V7 EA uses technical analysis tools and analyzes various market indicators and trends which tries to identify high-potential trades. To minimize risk, the EA utilizes a built-in trailing stop loss function and is flexible with any size of account, with lot sizes adjusted accordingly. However, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of profitability, and traders should exercise caution and utilize risk management strategies when using this EA. Traders can also use a demo account to test the EA’s effectiveness and refine their trading strategy before committing to live trades.

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