Forex Robotron Review

Forex Robotron Review

In this post I will be reviewing Forex Robotron. This forex robot is one of the few that I have seen stand the test of time. It has been improved greatly over the years and continues to receive very positive feedback as you can see from the user testimonials on the Robotron website. Robotron is one of the best forex robots that I have personally used and reviewed. It also has excellent customer support with a loyal user base.

The Forex Robotron website shows myfxbook verified performance over a long period of time. Robotron is also one of the only forex robots I have seen that has been developed and tested over so many years, constantly being upgraded based on user feedback and findings from the developer who must be respected for the sheer amount of dedication put into the software.

Robotron trades on multiple currency pairs with the exact same settings. This shows that it incorporates a flexible trading strategy that has not been over optimized. It has numerous built in features to ensure that it can filter potentially unsuitable broker and market conditions. This includes max spread/slippage filter amongst others implemented within its trading algorithm.

Robotron has a dynamic close condition that attempts to adapt to the current market conditions. Thus, it will exit a trade if it believes that there is an opportunity to do so. This can give it more flexibility when compared to some other forex robots that only use fixed levels.

Forex Robotron Review - Verified Myfxbook Account
Forex Robotron Review – Verified Myfxbook Account

Forex Robotron Trading Strategy

Forex Robotron primarily trades ranging markets with a combination of price action and technical analysis. It also implements dynamic money management and trade filters so that Robotron tries to anticipate market movements in advance.

Robotron trades towards the end of the NY trading session up until the Asian trading session. The GMT trading hours are automatically calculated for you within the code.

Robotron can be used with the default settings, you would just need to adjust the lot or risk size to a level that you are happy with. The more experienced traders are free to experiment with the settings on demo accounts or in the MT4 strategy tester. I would be very surprised if you can better the developers default settings with your own bespoke set files.

Robotron can be used by any level of trader whatever your experience as it is fully automated. You just need the MT4 trading platform and a forex broker account. With so many brokers to choose from, I have conveniently compiled a list of my best forex brokers to help you quickly and easily choose a broker that meets your needs.

It is worth mentioning that Forex Robotron does not hedge, there is no martingale or grid strategy and no arbitrage.

Forex Robotron Review - Real Account Results
Forex Robotron Review – Real Account Results

Forex Robotron Back Testing

Forex Robotron has been back tested over many years on multiple currency pairs. Trading multiple pairs can add diversity to a trading portfolio.

The historical results show that Robotron can perform well over 15+ years of data using the same settings on multiple currency pairs. This is very refreshing as I often will see robots that have been individually optimized for separate currency pairs over a short-term time frame.

Importantly, these back tests were conducted in the MT4 strategy tester using real tick data, variable spreads, commissions, swaps and slippage. This ensures maximum modelling quality at 99% and the best possible back testing conditions possible in MT4.

I often see developers back test with 90% modelling quality without tick data or any consideration given to the spreads, commissions, swaps or slippage. These are all factors that can have a significant impact on the performance of any trading system.

Forex Robotron Portfolio
Forex Robotron Portfolio

Forex Robotron Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Forex Robotron Review - Live Account Performance
Forex Robotron Review – Live Account Performance

Forex Robotron Summary

Forex Robotron is hands down one of the best forex robots in my humble opinion and I have tested practically all of them! The developer has spent many years “perfecting” it and credit should be given for this. The user feedback is very positive and the myfxbook accounts have been running for a long time.

As with any forex trading system, I would personally run Robotron on an ECN forex broker as I find they can have some of the best trading conditions. This can include tight spreads, reliable execution speeds and competitive commissions. I deem these to be important factors for any automated or manual forex system.

Robotron comes with an easy to understand instruction manual for a fast setup and is fully automated so you can set and forget it. The customer support is also widely regarded as being amongst the best.

Without sounding like a salesman, it is not clear how much longer Robotron will be commercially available. Thus, if you want a copy, now would probably be a good time to get it. In all honesty, this code could be getting sold for a huge price tag when you look at what it has achieved and the possibilities.

You can download Forex Robotron by clicking the link to the official website below.

Forex Robotron EA









  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • 5 Minute Timeframe
  • Dynamic Money Management
  • Verified Accounts
  • Full Support
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Excellent Support
  • Fully Automated Forex System
  • MetaTrader 4