PZ Turtle Trading EA

The PZ Turtle Trading EA employs the original Dennis and Eckhardt trading system, dubbed “The Turtle Trader.” It trades in the same way that the original turtles did, and experienced traders can use it to capture trends in up or down markets. This Expert Advisor can be purchased from the ..Read More

Night Shot EA

The Night Shot EA Forex robot for MetaTrader 4 employs a scalping strategy to identify good short-term trade opportunities in both rising and falling currency markets. This forex trading bot, according to the programmer, performs best on the USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, and EUR/AUD pairs (you can try on other pairs as ..Read More


N9Tx EA is an innovative Night-Scalping EA. PROscalper’s main strategy is supplemented by TrendFollowerSR and DailyBreakouts, as well as several additional filters. The EA does not employ grid, martingale, or other risky strategies. Every position includes a fixed stop loss and take profit. The N9Tx Expert Advisor can be purchased ..Read More

Shizuka EA

The Shizuka EA is an automated trading software that operates without human intervention, employing algorithms to monitor the financial markets and make trading decisions. It is has been designed to navigate the changing conditions of the market. By utilizing the technology and analyzing market fluctuations, Shizuka EA tries to aim ..Read More

Silver Kangaroo EA

The Silver Kangaroo EA is a forex trading robot that operates automatically, and its primary function is to analyze the hourly and 30-minute candlestick formations of the XAUUSD trading pair, using artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the suitable entry point for the trade. By doing so, the Silver Kangaroo EA ..Read More