Shizuka EA

The Shizuka EA is an automated trading software that operates without human intervention, employing algorithms to monitor the financial markets and make trading decisions. It is has been designed to navigate the changing conditions of the market. By utilizing the technology and analyzing market fluctuations, Shizuka EA tries to aim ..Read More

Silver Kangaroo EA

The Silver Kangaroo EA is a forex trading robot that operates automatically, and its primary function is to analyze the hourly and 30-minute candlestick formations of the XAUUSD trading pair, using artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the suitable entry point for the trade. By doing so, the Silver Kangaroo EA ..Read More

Straddle EA

The Straddle EA is an automated trading robot which tries to take advantage of significant market movements. This forex expert advisor is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 platform and utilizes a complex system of trade entry and exit filters across various timeframes to try that trades are made in the ..Read More

Sparta EA

SPARTA EA is an automated program designed to automate trading activities. Its main function is to streamline the decision-making process by fully automating the buying and selling of currencies in the FOREX market. The SPARTA EA serves as a currency robot that can autonomously execute trades based on pre-defined parameters ..Read More

Ultron Lite EA

The ULTRON LITE EA is an Expert Advisor designed for day trading purposes, which utilizes four Moving Averages (MAs) with distinct periods as its primary trading indicators. However, what sets ULTRON LITE EA apart from other Expert Advisors is its use of a trading strategy called Anti Martingale. Unlike the ..Read More

Tribal EA

The Tribal EA is an automated trading software tool designed to aid conservative traders. The development of this Expert Advisor (EA) spanned six months and boasts order control filter that tries to enhance its performance. Unlike other risky techniques such as martingale or averaging, Tribal EA always employs stop loss, ..Read More

King Of Hedging EA

The King of Hedging EA MT4 is an automated trading system designed to assist traders in making informed trading decisions and optimizing their money management. This trading software is capable of implementing hedging in real-time. allowing traders to execute their positions from market volatility by utilizing the pre-defined parameters of ..Read More

Crazy Lock EA

The Crazy Lock EA is an automated trading system which employs a unique scalping, relying solely on its own internal algorithm without the need for indicators. It simultaneously initiates buy and sell positions, and when one of the positions starts moving towards the negative side of the executed trade, the ..Read More

ZxPlus EA

The ZXPlus EA is an automated trading system which utilizes a Level 3 Semafor, which identifies significant price levels by detecting higher highs or lower lows. The ZXPlus EA’s methodology is based on this indicator and may try to identify potential trades for traders to make trading decisions. However, it ..Read More