Zigzag Arrow Indicator

The Zigzag Arrow Indicator plots real-time trend-reversal signals and assists in identifying important price swings. It closely watches the variety of price movements and sends quick signals anytime it finds a valid market trend reversal condition. Identifying market highs and lows is a critical component of daily technical analysis. Because ..Read More

Super Signals Channel

The Super Signals Channel Indicator is a forex trading indicator that uses channels and was designed for MetaTrader 4 users. This indicator employs a dual-band channel that identifies actual price support/resistance levels. These levels are calculated using short-term price movements. What is the Super Signals Channel? The Super Signals Channel ..Read More

Trend Lord NRP Indicator

With a demonstration procedure similar to the moving average, the Trend Lord NRP Indicator is a pioneer in trend tracking technical instruments. It employs a 12-day smoothed moving average of closing price data over a period of time. This is a trading solution for scalping and intraday trading that is ..Read More