Raptor EA

Mikhail Mitin, the developer of the well-known day trading system Dashboard Moving Average, created the Raptor EA to help traders balance their trading activities with their other daily commitments. The EA was launched in February 2022 and was most recently updated in August 2022.

Raptor EA Features

  • Has both MT4 and MT5 Version
  • The advisor is optimized well for any instrument
  • Can work on accounts with any spread, commissions, delays in the execution of orders
  • Flexible settings specifically for your needs by optimizing
  • Do not use high-risk strategies such as Martingale, etc.
  • Full support from the creators

Raptor EA Strategy

The Raptor EA is designed to analyze price and indicator movements to identify trading opportunities in the direction of the trend. The system uses a multi-timeframe analysis approach, where market conditions are analyzed across four different timeframes. The analysis focuses on price movements and Moving Average (MA) indicators at the timeframe level, with each timeframe, analyzed separately before generating an overall picture of the market conditions. Based on this analysis, the EA will execute trades in the direction of the trend. This approach allows the EA to identify trends across multiple timeframes, helping traders to make informed trading decisions and capitalize on market opportunities.

Raptor EA Account Requirements

  • Minimum Account Balance: $200
  • Account leverage: 1:1000
  • Operate with VPS for optimal performance.
  • Broker: Standard Account

Raptor EA Input and Parameters

CategoryParameter NameDescription
General Parametersclose_orders_on_weekendCloses deals on Friday before close_orders_on_weekend_minute minutes to 00:00
MM_invisibleVirtual money management that does not remember previous levels when restarting EA
SLIPPAGEMaximum allowable slippage
Size_of_lotDetermines transaction volume; can be set as a fixed lot size or dynamically calculated based on maximum risk
magic_numberUnique identifier for trades
Money Management ParameterstrailingDetermines stop loss type
Classic_SLStop loss parameter
Trailing_SLStop loss and trailing stop parameters
Breakeven_SLStop loss and multiple trailing stop parameters; sets stop loss to breakeven when price reaches specified level
Trailing_SL_by_jumpsStop loss and trailing stop parameters; trailing stop only activated when price moves specified distance from previous stop loss level
TP_Take profit level
Main ParametersTimeframeTimeframe for analysis
tf_ma_periodMoving Average period for analysis
tf_angleMinimum angle of inclination for Moving Average
tf_percentPercentage value for Moving Average analysis
tf_percent_cross_pricePercentage from the previous intersection of price and the current price to Moving Average
System Parametersquant_bars_for_scaleNumber of bars for historical market scanning
num_bar_angle_lastNumber of bars between which Moving Average angle is measured
all_ma_methodType of Moving Average calculation
all_ma_pricePrice type for Moving Average calculation
Combo Signals OptionsCOMBO_Various signal options for trade execution


The Raptor EA is trading system is a simple yet well-packed system, its main purpose is to help traders balance their trading activities with their daily commitments. The Raptor EA is optimized to work with any trading instrument and can operate on accounts with any spread, commissions, or order execution delays. The system does not use high-risk strategies like Martingale, but of course there can be no guarantees on how good or bad the EA will perform.

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