Axiselect Review

Axi Select, as described on their website, is a capital allocation program tailored to assist professional traders in achieving their long-term trading goals. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Axi Select, including its key features, benefits, and the overall experience it offers to traders. We will examine the program’s structure, eligibility criteria, funding opportunities, trading tools, and the unique Edge score system that measures trading proficiency.

Axiselect Review
Axiselect Review

Program Overview

Axi Select positions itself as a unique capital allocation program with a clear mission: to empower traders and help them succeed in their trading careers. The funding program offers substantial funding of up to $1 million USD, making it appealing to traders with ambitious aspirations. Axi Select is structured to solidify trading skills, enhance market knowledge, and provide traders with a pathway to advance in their trading careers.

Inclusivity and Transparency

One of the standout features of Axi Select is its inclusivity. The program is open to traders of all skill levels, strategies, and experiences. Joining the program is completely free and does not involve any registration or membership fees, which is a refreshing departure from many other forex prop firms in the industry. This commitment to inclusivity ensures that traders, regardless of their backgrounds, have the opportunity to pursue their trading dreams.

Progressive Stages and Profit-Sharing

Axi Select offers a clear progression path for traders through six stages: Seed, Incubation, Acceleration, Pro, Pro 500, and Pro M. Each stage comes with its own set of requirements and funding opportunities. The most attractive aspect for traders is the profit-sharing potential, which can reach up to an impressive 90%. This profit-sharing mechanism aligns the interests of Axi Select and its traders, promoting a sense of partnership in achieving trading success.

Advanced Trading Tools and Education

To boost traders’ chances of success, Axi Select provides access to advanced trading tools, technical expertise, and market analysis. This comprehensive support system helps traders make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends. The inclusion of live educational content is a valuable resource, enabling traders to continue learning and improving their skills. Additionally, the community network of professional traders fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, creating a supportive environment for growth.

The Edge Score System

The Edge score is a central element of Axi Select, serving as a numerical representation of a trader’s abilities. This personalized score is derived from three measurable components: Skill, Consistency, and Risk, with adjustments based on trading experience. Let’s delve deeper into each component:


The Skill component assesses a trader’s ability to generate profits while effectively managing drawdowns. This evaluation provides valuable insights into a trader’s risk-reward management and overall trading proficiency.


Consistency reflects a trader’s capacity to achieve consistent gains, indicating a solid understanding of market dynamics. This aspect showcases a trader’s ability to adapt to changing market conditions.


The Risk component evaluates a trader’s proficiency in managing risks effectively. It highlights a trader’s risk management strategies and their ability to safeguard their capital.


Experience assesses whether a trader meets the minimum criteria for displaying credible trading experience. It is an essential factor in determining eligibility for the program and funding.

Joining Axi Select

Joining Axi Select is a straightforward process, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility. Traders need to meet the following requirements:

  • Execute 20 closed trades.
  • Achieve an Edge score of at least 50.
  • Deposit a minimum of $500 USD.

For existing Axi clients with an Edge score of 50 or higher and a minimum balance of $500 USD in their Axi Select account, entry into the program is seamless. They can immediately start at the Seed stage and receive funding of up to $5,000 USD from Axi. As traders progress through the program’s stages and meet the respective requirements, they gradually build their skills, eventually gaining the opportunity to trade up to $1 million USD of Axi funds in the Pro M stage.

The Axi Select Experience

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of Axi Select, it’s crucial to explore the various elements of the program that contribute to the trader’s experience.

Funding Opportunities

Axi Select offers funding at different stages of a trader’s journey. The Seed stage, which serves as the entry point, provides an initial funding opportunity of up to $5,000 USD. As traders progress through the program, they unlock higher funding tiers, with the pinnacle being the Pro M stage, where they can trade up to $1 million USD of Axi’s capital. This funding is a significant advantage for traders looking to scale their trading operations.

Profit-Sharing Model

Axi Select’s profit-sharing model is a key incentive for traders. The potential to earn up to 90% of profits generated adds a substantial income stream for program participants. This model aligns Axi Select’s interests with those of the traders, fostering a sense of partnership. The more successful a trader is, the more both parties benefit.

Advanced Trading Tools

Access to advanced trading tools is essential for traders aiming to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced markets. Axi Select recognizes this need and provides traders with cutting-edge tools and resources. These tools encompass technical analysis software, charting platforms, and risk management tools. Having these resources at their disposal allows traders to make data-driven decisions and execute trades with confidence.

Technical Expertise and Market Analysis

Axi Select goes beyond just providing tools and offers access to technical expertise and market analysis. Experienced professionals are available to guide traders, offer insights into market trends, and provide strategies for navigating volatile markets. This hands-on support can be invaluable, especially for traders who are relatively new to the industry.

Live Educational Content

Continuous learning is a fundamental aspect of a trader’s journey. Axi Select addresses this need by offering live educational content. These educational sessions cover a wide range of topics, from market fundamentals to advanced trading strategies. The live format allows traders to interact with instructors, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the markets.

Community Network

The trading community plays a vital role in a trader’s development. Axi Select recognizes this and has created a community network of professional traders. This network facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the exchange of insights and experiences among traders. Being part of such a community can be motivating and provide valuable perspectives on trading strategies.

The Edge Score System in Detail

The Edge score is a unique feature of Axi Select that deserves a closer look. This system, which measures a trader’s trading proficiency, is based on a combination of Skill, Consistency, Risk, and Experience.


Skill is a critical factor in a trader’s success. Axi Select’s assessment of skill focuses on a trader’s ability to generate profits while effectively managing drawdowns. This evaluation considers not only the profits a trader makes but also how they handle losses and risk. A high skill rating indicates that a trader can generate returns while keeping risk in check, a crucial quality for long-term success.


Consistency is a hallmark of a skilled trader. It reflects a trader’s ability to achieve consistent gains, regardless of market conditions. This component assesses a trader’s understanding of market dynamics and their adaptability. Consistency is an indicator of a trader’s ability to sustain profitability over time, which is a key goal for any professional trader.


Risk management is a fundamental aspect of trading. Axi Select evaluates a trader’s proficiency in managing risks effectively. This assessment considers a trader’s risk management strategies, position sizing, and overall approach to protecting their capital. A high risk rating indicates that a trader can navigate volatile markets with discipline and prudence.


Experience is a prerequisite for joining Axi Select. It assesses whether a trader meets the minimum criteria during the prop firm challenge for displaying credible trading experience. This criterion ensures that traders in the program have a foundational understanding of the markets and have demonstrated their commitment to trading.

Edge Score Calculation

The Edge score is a weighted average of these four components: Skill, Consistency, Risk, and Experience. However, the score is not solely based on these metrics; it also takes into account a discount factor that depends on a trader’s Experience level. This means that traders with more experience have their Edge scores adjusted accordingly, ensuring that the program accommodates traders at various stages of their careers.

Axi Select uses advanced analytics and algorithms to calculate the Edge score objectively. This score provides a comprehensive and granular assessment of a trader’s abilities, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and track their progress over time.

Axi Select’s Unique Pathway

Axi Select’s structured pathway offers a clear roadmap for traders looking to advance in their careers. The program’s six progressive stages are designed to help traders develop their skills and increase their funding opportunities. Let’s explore each stage in more detail:

Seed Stage

The Seed stage is the entry point for traders joining Axi Select. To qualify for this stage, traders need to meet the initial requirements, including executing 20 closed trades, achieving an Edge score of at least 50, and depositing a minimum of $500 USD. Upon meeting these criteria, traders can access funding of up to $5,000 USD from Axi.

Incubation Stage

Advancing to the Incubation stage requires traders to meet specific performance benchmarks. This stage is an opportunity for traders to further develop their skills and increase their funding allocation.

Acceleration Stage

The Acceleration stage is a crucial step in a trader’s journey. Here, traders are encouraged to refine their strategies, enhance their risk management, and consistently achieve positive results. Successfully navigating this stage brings traders closer to higher funding tiers.

Pro Stage

The Pro stage represents a significant milestone in a trader’s progression. At this stage, traders have the opportunity to trade more substantial capital from Axi. They are expected to demonstrate their ability to manage larger positions and maintain profitability.

Pro 500 Stage

The Pro 500 stage is a level above the Pro stage and offers increased funding and profit-sharing potential. Traders in this stage are expected to maintain a high level of consistency and skill.

Pro M Stage

The Pro M stage is the pinnacle of the Axi Select program. Traders who reach this stage have proven their proficiency and risk management abilities. They have the privilege of trading up to $1 million USD of Axi’s capital, a significant achievement in any trader’s career.


Axi Select offers a compelling capital allocation program for professional traders, combining a structured pathway to success with generous funding opportunities and a supportive trading environment. Its commitment to inclusivity and transparency sets it apart from many competitors in the industry such as FTMO, ensuring that traders of all levels and strategies have the opportunity to pursue their trading dreams.

The Edge score system provides a robust and objective measure of a trader’s abilities, enhancing the program’s credibility. With access to advanced trading tools, technical expertise, market analysis, live educational content, and a community network of professional traders, Axi Select equips its members with the resources needed to thrive in the dynamic world of trading.

In conclusion, Axi Select appears to be a promising option for traders seeking financial backing and a structured pathway to realizing their trading ambitions. However, as with any trading program, it is essential for traders to carefully review the terms and conditions and assess whether Axi Select aligns with their specific trading goals and strategies before joining. This comprehensive review has provided a detailed overview of Axi Select, its features, and the benefits it offers, empowering traders to make an informed decision about their participation in the funded account program.

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